Observational drawing

Thursday the 12th, I started to do the observational drawings looking at the drapes I created for the sculptur.

What I did was to use all kind of technics to represent the drapes. I used watercolour and then mixed with colour pencil, charcoal, ink, black pen and so on. It is important to have a vaerity of different technics to be shown.


So here what I did, I used watercolour and the second one graphic pencil, they are both inspired by the researches I done as all others either. First you can see is more focused on the cone shape and 3D shapes, the second is more focused on Botero’s round body’s shape.


For these three, I used colour pencil mixed with water, the second one on the top, gouache and acrylic, and the last one ink. These three were inspired by a mix of all my thoughts and researches, geometric, impossible constructions and son on. I tried to change the scale of the shapes and develop them further by placing them all the time differently.


Those last four drapes were made with black pen, watercolour and colour pencil, charcoal and the last one graphic pencil with water. The same as before, I tried to focus on the research and on interesting shapes that could be developed further in my work.

I did not draw usual observational drapes I wanted to use different technics to show different kind of texture that might be interesting to explore, I really enjoyed that part of exploration, it is really what I want to do in this project, explore, but in my own way of thinking and observation.


The last thing I did today was to explore different types of white fabric. I looked if one of those could be used to do my final sculpture. Few of them were to soft to create a sculpture, they could be used instead to do a finishing or put on the top of another fabric. The one I really liked has been the neoprene fabric, smooth and the good thickness to sculpt something and possibly it could held.

Tomorrow I will surely start me sculpture and let’s see the result.


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