Body sculpture

Friday 13th,

Today I started to make my body sculpture around the body part I have chosen, the breast.

Normaly I was supposed to do it with fabric, but because I didn’t find the right white fabric to make the sculpture, I asked the teacher if I could do it with paper. So because my idea for it has been to create cone shapes, inspired from quite all the research I have done, I needed quite rigide paper, almost cardboard but not that hard.

I cut rectangles in the paper, traced lines from a middle point on the paper and then I created sort of triangles folding the paper at the end hold with little hand stitches. I already had a vague idea of the sculpture I wanted to make, but the result I got, has been much better than I expected. I spent the whole morning doing it, exploring really all these ideas of research and in the same time keeping the elegance, sensuality of the breast, looking at the body’s anatomy to go in the way of  exaggeration and manipulation of it. I really enjoyed doing it, and the result makes me satisfied.


During the afternoon, I started to do my digital portfolio for university. It is quite a challenge for me, because I never done this before and I am not that good with photoshop. But I like to learn and try to take my time to do it. Well, I take my time but not to much because then I would not finish it, but I try to do my best and work on it as good as I can. I will show my progression to the teachers while doing the portfolio, so they could tell me I have to change or how to modify it to make it better.

Tomorrow I will spend my day at school, to photograph my sculpture and carry on with the portfolio.


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