Suit designs

Wednesday, the 18th

On Wednesday morning I was supposed to have life drawing lesson, but because the teacher was ill, the lesson was cancelled and I went back to the fashion room at school. So I spent again the whole day editing my portfolio to be ready before the deadline. I reviewed each project, I modified things, at the end of the say I printed out the whole portfolio to have an overview. It makes it more easier to control it and say what I habe to change or not. Almost finish, I am happy that is nearly done, because I spend almost 2 weeks working on it and I can’t any more….
Thursday, the 19th

Today I decided to not work on my portfolio, because my eyes are too tired to look at the computer’s screen, and instead working on the project and on the suit designs.

In the morning I showed my portfolio to the teachers to have their opinion and know could I make better or not. In total I have 26 pages, perfect for Edinburgh’s portfolio, but to much for Bath’s portfolio because they ask to not have more than 10 pages. So I showed my work and the teachers looked at it quite happy I guess, they said that it is been looking good. They told me that because I still have almost 2 weeks before sending the portfolio, and that I have enough time, it could be interesting to include the project I am working on right now,because I have some good work and the fashion illustrations look good too.

It was in my ideas anyway to includ it in my portfolio, I already scaned work from part 1.

I asked them how I could do for Bath university’s portfolio and they explained me how I could do and so on.

So during the whole day I spent hours drawing my 15 suit designs, inspired from my body sculpture and the colours of my personal item. I think I did quite good, honestly I am very happy of the drawings. They are very different from all others I have done in the previous project, because I had the teachers’s advices to work more on it. And it is what I did. I really what to make this project prefect, because we are going to create a complete suit and make trousers and it is exactly what I like, make something that is wearable and and perfect in the detail as learnt.



When I drew my suits, I work with the colours of my the item, and tried to combine as well as possible with the other colours. Even maybe the colours don’t look very nice together, I could say that is a way to create a colourblock ensemble. On the same time, I thought about the different trousers that could be for men and women and also created jackets. I really enjoyed doing that, I played with the sculpture, changing places on the jacket and trousers. They look very good.


To develop more my work and my research, I have been inspired to draw the illustrations by Alberto Giacometti’s work. He is a Swiss painter and sculptor and mostly known for its long and thin sculptures. And it from there and drew the illustration, long and thin….

So tomorrow I will maybe carry on with the portfolio, I will, I am not sure yet but the most important is that I am on time for everything and that I don’t rush at all to do it.


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