Start making…

First of all I just wanted to say what I did on Friday the 20th of January.

As usual I work on my portfolio, so it will be done before next Monday. Actually I finished the one for Edinburgh, because they ask for up to 25 pages, so it is totaly ilimitated and it is much easier to show your work. With the help of the teacher, I decided to includ in my portfolio the current project, editing the body, because I have really nice work, so I think it could be very interesting to show it. One portfolio done, but the thing now is that for Bath Spa university, they ask for no more than 10 pages. It makes it more complecated, because now I had to reduce the number of page and, well make some collage but it looks quite nice I guess and I am happy with it.
Monday the 23th of January,

Today I decided to not work on my portfolio, because I have been working on it the whole weekend and I still have a whole week before to send my work, so I thought that I could show my work to the teachers maybe on Thursday or Friday again and have a quick overview then and help me to prepare it to send it digitaly.

During the weekend I drew the 6 line up designs in relation with the sculpture and the colourboard of my personal item. I did a quite casual-classical line up so it will fit to both genders. So actually I was ready today to make my final design, but I didn’t draw it, well I had the main idea in my head, but it all depends on the jacket I will find and after this I will adapt my idea to the jacket and so on.

Before I went to the second hand shop, I had a small personal tutorial with the tutor. We had a quick look through the sketchbook. Everything have been done correctly and completed. When we arrived to my designs, I just had some advice from her, to make few mores if I have time, working on the patterns of the bracelets and and the texture. I will of course, but first I would like to focus on my process making of my design and later on make more design, but everything depends on my organisation. I think I can do it, because I know that I can make a pair of trouser properly in one day and a half. And then customize the jacket will maybe take more time but not that much.


So I went to the recommended charity shop. Well they didn’t really had a lot of choice, but because I was the first on O could find fews. I couldn’t choose so I decided to try them on myself to have a look of the jacket looks like on the body and because it has to fit to both genders. Finally I found right one and I am very happy with my choice, I don’t regret it at all. It is a kind of jeans jacket quite large but with a nice shape. It as an interesting pattern on it. After this I went to buy fabric for the trousers. I bought a very nice red coton fabric. When I came back to school I showed what I bought and explained my idea. Because I wanted to dye the jacket so it becomes totally blue, but because it has lycra it won’t dye. So what I did, I just decided to paint on it. First I tryed inside the jacket to experiment. I put red, blue, yellow and white, the colours of the bracelets. It looked so good with a crackeling effect as my research. I really like the texture and the colours shown on it. I am very happy witj the result, I couldn’t even stop such I enjoyed paintimg on it. And I have a very good idea for the  back of the jacket.


Just let’s keep going!


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