Painting and creating…

Wednesday, the 25th of January,
I started the day with my life drawing lesson. I really enjoyed it as usual, but today we did 12 studies of a chosen body part and we used all the time different medias. I drew the torso and honestly I have been surprised positively by my drawings, they are very good and that’s great.

In the afternoon, I had fashion and I continued with customizing my second hand jacket with paint. While it was drying, I startes to make the kind of triangle and the shapes I made for the sculpture, so I spent the rest of the afternoon doing this.
Thursday, the 26th of January,
As usual I arrived at 8am at school to work, I like quiet and it relaxes me to work in the morning when nobody is around me. So I finished to paint my second hand jacket. The only part I had to finish was the back, and my idea was to paint a motif inspired from my African bracelets. While it was drying I started to decorate the little sculpture I made yesterday, painting kind of blue and yellow dots also inspired by the pearls on the bracelets.


In the afternoon, I started to make the pattern for my trousers, and continued with the jacket. The thing I noticed today is that I haven’t enough fabric so I will go tomorrow to buy another piece for the front of the trousers’s pattern.


The whole jacket is paint, at the beginning the texture was quite soft but because I put acrylic paint on it it became hard, it changed the texture of the fabric, but I quite like it because it gives a new structure to work.

Well I was quite tired at the beginning of the afternoon, with head hacke, I was thinking about the project, looking what I still have to do and so on, and there is a lot, but I stay optimistic and positive and I know I can do it before the deadline without problem.


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