Making trousers

Friday the 27th of January,
On Friday, I gave to myself the goal to finish my customized second hand jacket. I sew by hand all the made shapes on the sleeves one by one. When I finished I went to the toilet to have a look at the mirror the result and it looks really nice.

In the afternoon, I wanted to start to make my trousers, but before making them on the final fabric, I wanted to be sure that the shape and length correspond to my idea, so I asked for calico and made a toile from it. Once I finished it, I asked a classmait to try it on, so I could see if it fitted to a men and yes it worked. I am ready to make the final one.


During the weekend, I spent Saturday and Sunday making my final trousers in the real red fabric. I chose red, because it is part of my personal item, but also I chose this strong colour to put brightness in our daily life and in my final work. Also it matchs quite good with the jacket.

So I started to make the trousers as I learnt to do. Put the fabric good side against good side, pin it and put the patterns parallel to the edge. Draw extras, I put 1,5 cm everywhere and 4 cm on the bottom of the trousers for the hem. I cut around and started to sew. Back with front, and so on. To make it properly inside I did a zig zag on the extras. I sew the belt and after this added the zip on the side. The only thing I had to do afterwards was to finish everything inside and outside properly even doing stitched by hand or with the machine. At the end I finished to sew the hem.

I am very happy with the result and I am almost finished, I just have to add the small details on the front. During this two days I work very differently as I used to and to be honest I hope it will be the last time even we still have to do the final major project. But I made my whole trousers without ironnig and it felt very weird to work like this because normally we to have to iron everything once you finished to sew something and this time I just sew and cut and sew again. Without the right items I would have needed and I used to work with was also something very different and the sewing machine… well what can I do? When during three years you had everything and you sew with the industrial machines and suddenly you don’t have all this anymore, it is a quite strange feeling and I quite miss it. But any way we have to learn to adapt ourself to any situations and it is what I did and the result is very nice.


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