Finish in detail

Monday, the 30th of January 2017,

Today my goal of the day first of all was to send my digital mini portfolios to Bath Spa university and Edinburgh university. I just wanted to send them and spend the whole morning or maybe less than the whole morning. It was the first thing I wanted to do because it was the most important to and not to loose the deadline. Well every thing went quite well for Bath Spa university. I had to create a dropbox account and make a folder with all my work inside, quite easy finally. But when I wanted to prepare everything for Edinburgh and went on their website where I had to submit the portfolio, it didn’t work. The problem was that they asked for a specific image size and also the pixels needed to be in a specific size. I tried everything, I didn’t understand, the teacher helped me but noway. However finally I found how to do it after Lunch and I had to change approximatively 30 pages of work, it took me quite long time but finally I made it and it is now something less to think about. Now I just have to wait for a positive answer, and hope that my work has been successful.


After this, in the afternoon, I continued the project with my trousers. As I said, I spent the whole weekend making my trousers and I really enjoyed it. I put a lot of pleasure on it and made it as I learnt. Clean, with all the details. Later on I ironed it and made it presentable. After I started to sew by hand the small beads on the front of the trousers, to complete my final idea. 

It looks really nice, I am definitely very happy with my work and hope to make a nice photoshoot either on Wednesday or Thursday.


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