Getting ready for the photo shoot

Wednesday, the 1 of February,

Nothing much to do today, but it doesn’t matter. This morning I had my life drawing lessons, very special, because we didn’t have only to draw the model but after this, we had to create a collage around the drawing, so it would look like a kind of fashion illustration.

Well it went quite good, but I didn’t draw the best drawings, because I don’t really know, but I had the feeling that I wasn’t in my best mood of drawing…

In the afternoon, I had the fashion lesson, well, here again I didn’t do that much because I finished to sew the beads on my trousers yesterday night. So they are completed.

But I spend time on making my styling plan for the photo shoot for tomorrow.


Because the outfit I created is quite special, I do not want to do to much, just the simplest way. My main idea, is to shoot outside in one of the college’s park, just walking around in a natural atmosphere. Because it has to be for both genders, the women will probably wear elegant high heels shoes, to contrary with the structural and sporty side. For the man it will be the same just wearing elegant flat shoes instead of course. For the makeup and hair, he wish long wavy hair for the girl and mi-lenght for the boy. A very free natural mood, not to much to show the difference between the outfit and as I said the mood.

So I really hope that tomorrow will not be that cloudy, and just the sunshine I would need to shoot. Otherwise, if I have no choice I will do it inside in the studio.

Later on I already started to write my final evaluation, explaining my whole journey since I came back from holidays and what I did during the project.

I just wait right now for tomorrow and hope that the result will be nice!


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