Photo shoot day…

Thursday, the 2nd of February 2017,
Today, big day… Well not that big but I spend a very nice moment doing my photoshoot showing my final design.

Actually I wanted to do it the morning, but a saw that every others students were very busy, I don’t wanted to disturb them in their work, so I decided to wait until break time and here asked to do the photo shoot. My male model was Lesslie, he did it very well and the trousers and the jacket fitted him perfectly, I was very happy with the result and every thing went as I wanted.

After break, I wanted to do for the female one, but because it was me that would wear it, I needed a photographer. So I just asked but everybody was quite busy, but fortunately a friend in the class accepted to help me after Lunch time. Great news!

During that time I didn’t know what to do so I asked the tutors what I could do, if there is something else to do. And effectively, there is a small other unit we all have to work on. It is not so difficult, it englobes our work of the portfolio. We have to discribe it, what and why we have chosen to do like this and so on…. another part is about Universities, which course we have chosen and about the career opportunities. So it is what I worked on a part of the morning, and I am very glad I already started so I won’t to have to do to much during the weekend.

Later on after Lunch time, it was my turn to do the photoshoot. I’ve fortunate because it wasn’t raining and my idea was to shoot outside. So everything went great I’ve been very pleased. My friend shooted some great pictures and again the result was only positive.

After this, I went back to work on the unit I was completing….
Finally it has been a great experience from the beginning to the end, I learnt a lot about all the different ways we are able to manipulate fabric or paper to change body’s shape. And the most important in all this, was to create a design that would suit for both genders. It shouldn’t be to female or to male but just the right proportion and I guess I did it, and sometimes it isn’t that easy that a pair of trousers fittes to both. So I can just say to my point of view, that it has been another successful work…


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