Friday the 3rd of February 2017,
On Friday I did few different things. I received another small unit to complete, it includes talking about and writing about the Universities we apply for and describe why we apply there and what are the career opportunities.

So here there are:

I applied to three universities in the UK. I tried to find universities that combine creation and technic, because I need this meticulous creation in all the details.

So my first choice has been; Bath Spa University, the course I applied for is Fashion Design. I chose fashion design because I have been studying fashion design for now four years and I like it so I want to go further in my studies in this field. Bath Spa has a reputation for producing highly individuals and become innovative as I said before combining technical knowledge and design.

After graduation, there are many career opportunities such as go work for Mulburry, Karen Millen, French connection, Joseph, Zara and many others around the world. Or other students went into Master’s degree or set up their own business.

Careers could include:

  • In-house designer
  • Freelance designer
  • Design consultancy
  • Creative pattern cutter
  • Freelance pattern cutter
  • Designing/pattern cutting for manufacturers
  • Forecasting
  • Styling
  • Buying
  • Product developer
  • Technical designer

My second choice has been The University of Edinburgh; the course I applied for is also Fashion. The reason why I applied to this course is exactly the same for Bath Spa. I also heard a lot of positive comments about studying fashion there, and I know people who are there so I am very optimistic.

The career opportunities are also very big, because student’s employment and career are their priorities; Most od the students went to work for Balenciaga, H&M, Reiss, Cos, Warehouse, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Gucci and much more.

The last and third choice has been, Bristol, University of the West of England. It happened something to me for this University. I wanted to apply for fashion design because there was the course in the brochure, but when I applied on UCAS there wasn’t any course in relation with fashion design and only fashion textile. Well I applied anyway, and to be sure what was exactly the course about, I called them. So the course is about fashion textile, create your own texture and structure of fabric, but not only they combine it with fashion design and also there is a small introduction with accessories. So I think it could be very interesting and I kept it.

Their career option are; Mathew Williamson, All Saints, Cos, Victoria Beckham. They went into work such as fashion designer, textile designer, studio manager, product developers, pattern cutters and fashion buyers. Otherwise some of them set up their own business or went into Master’s degree.

So I am very happy with my choices and I hope I will be successful.

The second part was about the portfolio. What kind of work we decided to add in it and why. 

My portfolio choice went quite well. I decided to include some work of my first and second rotation, so it means, fashion where the topic was about wearable art, we had to go to the museum and choose a painting and from there create a garment. Here I put the strongest research, mood board and some development and of course such as draping, illustrations and the final piece. And fashion promotion that was about colour in the fashion industry and I had to think about the word and create a photo shoot and later on a look book. So I just put some colour research and the final photo shoot. They were the first projects I have done here at CSVPA, even they were the first ones, they show some work around colour and inspiration from a painting and how to change it to a garment. The other works I have chosen were from my two last projects. Ballet movement and editing the body. I chose to include them because of course they were the last ones and for a portfolio we always have to show the most recent work. Looking back to these two projects, I consider that they were very well done with high researches about the topic. The final result is also a successful part on my point of view. Here again the same process, I included research, development the strongest ones and the final work. Furthermore, I chose to add two other projects I made in my previous Art school in Switzerland. Why I added them? Because they show sewing skills and also another way to create a design and it might be very interesting to show to Universities.

All the work I put in my portfolio, I tried to show ability and skills. I wanted to make sure that everything is understandable and logic.

I also included some life drawing work I made during my lesson, showing some work made with different medias and techniques.

The tried to find the best ones I have made since I am here, and those made with ink look very good also some with charcoal. Those have a kind of movement in the way how the pencil or what ever was used, so that why I chose them. Another one, is quite colourful, actually it is a study of the torso, twelve drawings made with different colours, medias and techniques in different poses.

So I guess I did it quite well, and the decision I made were the good ones.

That was the work I had to do on Friday, I am quite pleased because it is something I finished already so I won’t be so busy next week. A part of making the final portfolio, but it will be alright.

Ones I finished all this, I selected the best photographs of my photo shoot to put them in my sketchbook. Later on I helped few classmates for their photo shoot. I enjoy helping others so they are able to complete their work very well.




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