Final major project – start

Monday the 20th of February 2017,
The start and the end of a new beginning, if I can say. Today Monday, I received the the new brief for the final major project that will take during 12 weeks until the 2nd of June.

I have been very excited since the beginning I got the brief. Their is a kind of feeling of happiness anf excitement to start with it. Maybe because it is almost the end but there is a challenge coming through or because as I said, it will be one of the last challenges I am going to work on and the most important, is that I am going to do everything independently until the end. Well possibly with some tutors’s advices and sharing ideas, but otherwise it will be done with all my passion and strenghts, with all my skills and don’t forget the organisation I have that will help me to develop and  complete the project to go further on with this.
During the half term, I already started to think a little bit about the themes I could propose, but there isn’t yet a decision about the 2 final themes I will present next week.

The first thing I did, was to go and buy a folder where I will put all the papers I will receive and my themes proposal with their mood boards and everything that will come with. It will help to be more organised and keep everything in a clear way.

After this, I wrote down some of my theme ideas. First of all, I don’t want to relate anything to fashion directly. What I want is to develop further and further the themes I am going to choose and later on combine them to fashion. The most important thing I guess for the final project, is that I have to be very careful with my choice. It needs to be very interesting to work with and be captivating for these 12 weeks I will spend on it. But I think I already have themes that might be interesting to explore and I am pretty sure that they will be long enough to develop until the end.

So here they are, but I still have to think about some more possibly. But to be clear, all these themes are deeply thought and they are very personal and important to me, I have chosen these very intensively:

  • Help save…( “help save” is mostly inspired because of the deforestation of tropical forests and jungles, to do what? To create items people use every single day. Tropical forests are destroyed and the wildlife that lives in them either. I am deeply involved with it, everybody is involved with it. Why? What do we have to do? It is part of my culture and my theories and knowledges of life, the reason why it will be one of the themes.)
  • The homage…( I am studying in England, in Cambridge, but I am not from there. Being here has been an incredible and unbelivable experience, I will never forget this year, new lifestyle, being independant for a whole year… I will never forget it, because as part of my all the skills I learnt and I am learning here and the fantastic student life I am having, there is pain. Being fare from everything, makes it harder, but it is a path I have to go through. So that why I decided to give homage to my  root of origine and create an assemblage of Colombian and Swiss memories, from the past until today and believe that it is thanks to them that I am here and have the chance to remember them.)
  • I have two oder themes that I quite like, well there are not such deep in feelings as the previous ones but they still can have their chance to be explored: Charlie Chaplin…( I visited his mansion in Switzerland, it tells all his story from the beginning to the end. Where he started and why. It is just the story about the sadness and happiness of a poor man became worldwide famous. How did he do it? From where does that passion come from?)
  • Tanguely and Niki Saint- Phalle…(have you heard about them? You might, I am pretty sure. Two artists, working on their life. One collect trash and dailylige items to create his individual sculptures. Another paint and sculpt big women, full of bright colour and motifs. Both are different but their are related with something: a collaboration that changed their life. It is the hidden and public secret of love between two artists.)

Here are the themes I thought about during the half term and today. I am also going to have much more inspiration from the trip in Barcelona.

Later on during the day, I worked on the most important thing of the individual project; the plan of a timetable. I made it and noticed that the time will go so fast until the 2nd of June. I tried to plan as well as I could these 12 weeks, anticipated my work and ideas of what I could do. My goal will be to keep this timetable as it is. The only thing will be to work hard enough and to not forget anything throughout the project.

I can say that it is going to be a wonderful experience of independant and intensive work, but I already enjoy the idea to have this challenge.


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