Final Major project – themes proposals

Wednesday the 22nd of February 2017,

For an half day, I was able to do quite a lot, and I used it to start to write my two final themes proposals. Finally I decided to choose two themes that are very personal to me and deep in feelings and emotions. I want to put a lot of passion and energy, I believe that it will keep me more motivated than ever, because I am going to work on something I know but that I have to explore and develop further, and there is a lot to research, but for this reason I want to do it and that why you get skills; to do high research.

Here they are:

“Help save”:


Is the Amazon Rain Forest Drying Out? – Rain2Earth on the 23rd of February 2017)

For my Final Major Project I have to choose and think about two themes that will keep myself captivated and motivated during the 12 weeks project. So the first one I would like to present is called: “Help save.”

“Help save” is mostly inspired because of the cause of the deforestation of tropical forests and jungles. Why this? To create items that people use every single day. Tropical forests are destroyed and the wildlife that lives in them either. I am deeply involved with it, everybody is involved with it. Why? What do we have to do? It is part of my culture and my theories and knowledge of life, the reason why it will be one of the themes I am going to work on.

I do not want to create something that people already saw or did, I want to show something new and innovative. In my mind, my idea is to combine wildlife behavior and the beautiful colours of the rainforest. Once I dreamt about it, and I saw the final garment I was going to create. So the outfit will be delicate in details, with a strong concept of the understanding about deforestation and help save it. I would like to create something long in length to show that the rainforest used to cover more than the half of the planet and now it is disappearing. The long size will be the purpose of how long it will take for the rainforest to live and how long it will take for people to behave correctly to not make mistakes anymore.

It is quite incredible for this theme, because ones I dreamt about it and I saw my final garment and how I was going to create it. But if I choose it, I will need to plan correctly my time, because it will take a lot of time to make it in detail. I just can say that it is super exciting to dream about a final piece you might do.

With this theme, there will be a lot of research based on my trip in Barcelona, form colours and shapes. Parque Guell, Picasso museum are going to be part of my primary research, but also some own life experiences through books, journeys to South America in Brazil and Colombia. In my idea, I will also use a lot of different techniques and medias to represent my concept. Using fabrics and bright colours, making samples to create motifs and specific details are also going to be part of my work.

In my theme proposal for “Help save”, I discussed how are going to be my intentions to record all my ideas of research. So I already have two notebook that are always with me to write everything, there is also my personal blog where I will write everyday a new blog post. Of course there is also my sketchbook, and in it there will be all my research drawings from primary to secondary research and so on.

The second one is:

“Give Homage”

Ski and Snowboard School Wengen – History Wengen Ski School on the 23rd of February 2017) / Rouillard, P. (1987) Colombia, Colombia: Compania Litografica Nacional

For my Final Major Project I have to choose and think about two themes that will keep myself captivated and motivated during the 12 weeks project. So here is one I would like to present and it’s called: “Give Homage.”

“Give Homage” is inspired by the story I am going to tell. I am studying in England, in Cambridge, but I am not from there. Being here has been an incredible and unbelievable experience, I will never forget this year, new lifestyle, being independent for a whole year… But, besides of all the skills I learnt and I am learning here and the fantastic student life I am having; there is pain. Being far from everything makes it harder, but it is a path I have to go through. So that why I decided to give homage to my root of origin and create an assemblage of Colombian and Swiss memories, from the past until today and believe that it is thanks to them that I am here and have the chance to remember them. It will be the concept of a generation and mix cultures. Giving homage is always something very personal, that why I chosen it.

As I said previously, it is a theme to thanks my origins and previous generation of both cultures to be there in England. It is an homage to the past to thanks the present.

So my idea is to combine past and present of two completely different countries and cultures. Create an outfit that correspond to m y feelings of happiness and pain. A suit saw from a new point of view and made with emotions.

This theme is going to be so personal that I even do not know from whom I can get inspired, because it is based mostly on my memories, since I can remember. But when I will go to Barcelona I am sure I am going to get a lot of inspiration based on the colours and shapes either. the Sagra Familia is also going to be part of my primary research,because there is the word”Familia”, that means” Family” and it a very important word for this theme. For the swiss part, I do not know if there will be a lot to get inspired. But I decided that when I will go back home for Easter, I am going to get inspiration from there. As secondary research there will be the painter Albert Anker who gave homage to the past and show exactly the real tradition and life. Also I think the main inspiration is going to be past family photographs, past generation who developed theirselves in hard condition to get the best life.

For this one, I am going to research fabric to combine both cultures and relate them to my concept. I will look for motifs and patterns and develop them to get the best point of view of the concept.

The recording of the whole project will be the same as the previous theme, the only thing I thought about and might be interesting to add in my work, is to create a kind of interview and ask questions to my family, to know how their life was before and how they lived it. It will be a highly emotional theme with a lot of feelings, but I am ready to do it, because it is one of the most important things for me to give homage to my origins, so I can imagine that the outcome could be very successful.


So, here they are. I tried to see the best concept possible for both themes, and I am very grateful for this. I want to show the best work I can do and I know I even can do better than the previous projects, so I am super happy to start with my research, but first of all I have to create mood boards to show visually my concepts.



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