Final Major project – Moodboard ideas

Thursday the 23rd of February 2017,
Yesterday, I started to write my two final proposal ideas. I didn’t finish because in my head everything is clear but I couldn’t find the correct words to describe perfectly my concepts.

In the afternoon, when I went back home, I really focused and tried to find the words. Most of the time, when I am working in a quiet place, My brain can relax and so all the hidden ideas come out and it is much easier for me to write them down. So it is what I did yesterday, I found the concept, techniques and ideas and so on.

So what I did today was first of all to finish my two proposals with the brain workout I did yesterday. I could finish them on time, even before the deadline that is next week, for this I have to write down that I am on time. However it is only the beginning so I have to keep an eye on my timetable, but I am happy with it. I could find easily both themes and demonstrate them. The problem is that I will have to choose between both of them and it is going to be difficult because I really like these two ideas of concept.
Well after this, I started to find photographs to create mood boards. Some of them I already had. I know exactly what kind of photographs I would like to search so I guess it will make it easier for me but however I don’t have to underestimate everything and that why I have to keep all on a high level.
I have most of the photographs, but I have to give the sources from where I found them. So I started to make a bibliography page as I learnt with Harvard references. I guess that if I start already with what I have it is going to be much easier than write all the sources at the end of the project, in this case you might forget where you found some pictures or research information.

Here are some photographs idea for my mood board for the theme: “Help save”. Bright and colourful, with a lot af vegetation and the beautiful free land that I have to save through my project.

Here are other photographs for the theme of: ” Give homage”.traditional photographs from each country. An homage to both generation of life.
So here they are. Tomorrow I  will continue with it and create the final moid boards or some samples.


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