Final Major project – mood boards

Friday the 24th of February 2017,
My goal today was first of all to start to create mood boards. I went to buy a sketchbook. I was looking for a A3 portrait sketchbook without rings. I decided to have this kind of sketchbook,  because so I would be able if I want to do big drawings that cross two pages. Unfortunatly Tindalls didn’t have portrait ones, only landscape. I thought during a while about the project and my ideas and finally I decided to buy the landscape one. Also because so it permits me to work in a new way and it could be very interesting.
When I came back, the class and myself had our first group tutorial. I was in the first group with three other classmates. I had to talk about my ideas of themes and also if I already had a concept. The tutor and classmates told me that the two themes were both very interesting to explore because they are very personal to me and I know how to manage them to give a good result. So as you probably know, I talked about the themes; “Help save” and ” Give homage”.

“Help save” is about deforestation, rainforest and wildlife. I feel involved in this theme and everybody should be. Because of the deforestation, they use this to create items that everybody uses daily so that why I say that we should be involved in this and help. One thing that I really don’t appreciate is when I see students printing out a large amount of photographs and they even don’t use them and later on the go to the recycling bin. Another reason to get involved in thi theme is that where I come from in Colombia, We are quite near of the rainforest.

“Give homage”, is about my story of being here in England studying. There is happiness but also a bit of pain. So I would like to give homage to my origins; Swiss and Colombian, thanks them and so be able to remember them. It is like to give homage to the past to thanks the present.

After this, the tutor asked the other classmates what they thought. Quite mixed feelings. One for “help save”, the other one for “give homage”. The classmate who told me to take “give homage”, is because it is a theme a know very well, I know the feeling and I know what I am talking about. When he told me that I was so happy, I don’t know why, but it was great. I really enjoyed that first group tutorial, the tutor asked us, still about my theme, what are the things we miss the most. Everybody said different things. When it was my turn, I said the cooking. I used to cook for my family the evening meal and we always had great time. But the thing I miss the most I guess, are the conversations we used to have around the table every evening with a nice dinner. Another thing is when sometimes we decided to take the car and go somewhere in Switzerland, like to have a road trip, and all this was fantastic. It is quite funny, because when you live in your country with your family, you just see the country as you used to see it. You just consider it as your home. But when the time arrives and you go away to study in an other country, it is incredible all the thing you notice and you miss, you see your home land from another point of view and that is amazing.
Well, ones I finished the group tutorials, I focused on my sketchbook to create mood boards to illustrate my themes and ideas of a concept. First of all, I took all the pictures and created severals mood boards and then photographed them each time, until I find the perfect combination of photographs. I did this almost the whole afternoon.

Then I talked about my work with one of the tutors and she gave me some advice, also about the trip we are going to do in Barcelona. What I could relate to my themes. Another thing, is that I was wondering, if I finish the mood boards before the deadline, what could I do before going to the trip? So I recieved the advice to maybe I could start with the secondary research such as artists and designers, because it won’t be to difficult because the two themes I have chosen they have a relation betwee  each other so I guess it will be alright.
Well, I had a great first week, and I really enjoyed each second of research and discussion with other people in the class.


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