Final Major project – Research

Monday, the 27th of February 2017,

I Finally finished my mood boards ideas, that will illustrate and explain visually my two themes that I propose for the final major project.

I really thought about how I could create the mood boards. My idea was to show exactly what I think and how I feel, and at the end, when I finished, I really had the feeling I made it very well.

For my theme “Give homage”, I wanted to show both cultures I am from, and illustrate the cultural differences but however keep a deep relation between both origins. So getting inspired and decided to create a kind of transition between cultures and origins. With these little cut shapes, I create so a relation and similarity with colour, past and present, emotion and feeling, even they are two countries separated from thousand and thousand Kilometres bird fly.


For “Help save”, I wanted to put together a lot of tropical forest photographs, to give the message of being always together and never separate, and so believe that the forest will always stay a wonderful and saved place. Of course, wildlife is a big part of the rainforest either, and we don’t have to forget them, so that why I did some collage including them in my mood board.The threats you see at the bottom, were inspired by natural craft and hand made creation, that we can discover in the tropical land.


So today, after I have finished my final mood boards, I photographed them and put them on photoshop to create a mood board that can be put in my folder with the theme proposals. So they can help, when reading the proposals, imagine the concept and see what I could create thanks to these ideas.


Later on, after  I have finished this, I did some little modification on my proposals to correct them, but also because I could add some more information to make it clearer. Ones finished, I printed them out and put them properly in my folder, ready to be red. For the rest of the day, I consecrate it with doing some research about both themes. I started to do it even I haven’t decided yet which theme I am going to choose, but because they have some similarities and related to the same personal feeling I was able to do it. I looked for some exhibition I could go and visit, in London and in Switzerland when I will go back home for Easter. Fortunately, I found quite a lot in Switzerland, about artists and painter. I am kind of lucky that the year 2017 is the year of Homage and birthdays. Homage to the country, homage to swiss painters and artists and homage to the traditions. So I am going to use all these information to build my research for one of the themes. I also looked for Fashion designer brands and collection that could relate to the themes. One is Johanna Ortiz, a Colombian fashion designer, who work with tradition and sense of respect using very natural materials to create her designs. The other one is Bally, The swiss brand grew up and created its own label, combining traditional  prints and past history with the present modernity.

So here it is, I will have to present my two themes and look forward to decide which one I am going to choose for my final major project outcome.


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