Final major project – Mind Maps

Thursday, the 2nd of March 2017,
It is the first time since the last project that I’ve come much earlier in the morning again. The reason is that because of yesterday, all the information I got made me think about all the things I have to complete before next week. When I arrived, the first thing I did, was to write my blog about the reflective work I have done the day before. It was about writing my timetable on the digital one.
After this, I continued with completing the timetable until the deadline that is in June. All the goals that I wrote are planned as I think, but well nobody can predict the future so it will be possible that there will be some changes, I hope not that much but of course it might be so. The important information I received, is that always when there is a modification, or I planned to do something else instead of what I wrote, I need to look to write all the changes in my notebook and blog, and explain why it happened so, to understand what I predicted to do later on and how it might influence me in my work. At the end of the project, I will have to record all the changes the online timetable again and print out the final one to put into the folder. This will help the examiners and tutors to see how organised we were and how we planned our time.

So that’s it what I did during the half of the morning.
After this, I focused on completing my sketchbook in creating mind map ls for each theme. As I said the previous day, the tutor said that they expect mind maps and some research for each theme. And I didn’t do that so I had to think about how I could incorporate these things in my already done work.

I was at the beginning a bit worried about it because I didn’t want to full up the pages I’ve done quite well, so I had to think and think about it until I found two great solutions to my problem that could suit to the themes.
Because each theme has three pages, I considered the first page as a kind of mind map, like to introduce the mood board.

So the first one is “Help Save”. As you probably already know, it is about deforestation in the Amazon part of South America. The deforestation involves all the wildlife that lives in it and human. Looking at my first collage, I thought deeply, why actually is the rainforest so important for humanity. Well not a lot of people know that, but all the forests and particularly all the tropical forests help us to live. They give us a lot of oxygen to breath, without them I can’t imagine what could happen to us. So from this reason, I looked for a particular picture. Lungs. I found the perfect one, combining human lungs with rainforest and deforestation. That is kind of the perfect definition of the deforestation, if we don’t consider all the other consequences that are happening there. On it I wrote few words that crossed my mind and define this theme.

In the other hand, for the second theme that is “Give Homage”. Well I really liked the page I created and I didn’t want to add more on it just leave it like it is. However I had to find a solution to include my mind map. How to do? I looked at the collage I’ve done, thought about the theme, telling the story of past and present, remember previous generations, mixed cultures and origins. All these are different but at end they are all connected in their own way. So what I did, was first of all cut again a lot of small rectangles, green ones to combine with the background and I just stuck them on the page, making connections and at the end writing the words that crosse my mind. So I have to say that finally I am very happy with each mind map. I was able to find a solution to the problem and made it visually.

I spent the whole day sticking all this very small pieces on the paper. I had I lot of patience. Honestly it is something I like to do because of the patience I have so I quite enjoyed it.

In the afternoon, I had a good conversation with a tutor, and that made me feel good again. As I said I was a bit worried about all these mind maps and research I had to add. While doing the mind maps, I asked her about the research part. I spoke honestly, saying that I do not know how to include that part in my sketchbook because I already done that work. I said that I do not feel the need to do more research about the theme because of the six pages and the proposals and plus the blog. Another thing is that I can do all my work as I think and for me it will be great, but what do they will think and the examiners too at the end of the project when they will correct out work?. Nothing is wrong, everything can only be correct, it is our work, our opinion, our vision of thinking and so on…. Actually the whole first part is only to help us to decide which theme would be more suitable for us to work on, and to show that we are interested in the work and that we enjoy it. Any way, there isn’t a first part of research, there will be always research added in development and in other parts.

I do not have to be worried at all about it. I have to enjoy my work and that is the most important. I think if I always annotate my work and reflect it very well all the time, it can be only beneficial. Problems and solutions are always part of a project, otherwise it means we haven’t chosen the right theme and it would be to easy at the end. There are always challenges and I said, I remember clearly that I will go through and arrive to the end crossing the final line.


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