Final Major project – Timetable

Wednesday, the 1st of March 2017,


In the morning I had my life drawing lessons. it went very well, and I was quite happy with my drawings. I used pastel as technique, because last time I used it too and the result was very nice, so I decided to work with it again. For me it is still hard to draw a whole body with hands, feet, and head. Most of the time I just focus on a body part, because the final result looks always very realistic so that why, but I need to try to get in all the other body parts. It is just a lot of practice to make it well.


Well, in the afternoon I had my fashion lesson, and since a week I am working on my Final major project. Today I decided to complete the online timetable sent by the tutors. At the beginning, I thought it will go quite fast because I already wrote an approximative timetable in my notebook and I just have to rewrite it on this timetable. But I really noticed that there is a lot to do. That made me laugh because they even say that Easter holidays is not a time off…. They want us to work on Sundays, well I agree that we have to work very hard for this project to get the best outcome possible, but however they don’t need to exaggerate the situation. I wrote a plan, I will focus on it. For Easter I will do what I  will need to do, nothing else. Easter is also a period to see family we haven’t seen since month. Work is not always the first thing, there are much important things sometimes in our life. But I say that only for those who are very good organised in their work and can permit themselves to have free time, otherwise of course we have to work hard and work becomes the first thing to do. To be honest I do not really like that kind of timetable written on computer, for me it is too messy with to much information in one case, well I do not have any choice, because I can’t write by hand only digitally. That is life and I have to adapt myself with the situation. So tomorrow I will carry on with my timetable to finish it and show to the tutors if it correspond.


Something important I have to do in these next days, is to complete my sketchbook. Actually I thought I finished it, ready to do my presentation next week. But in fact the tutor told us clearly to not forget to create a mind map for each theme and make some research and present them in the sketchbook. Well I haven’t done this. The thing is that I already finished a part of the work with doing mood boards but now I have to add more, it will just change my work already done and it won’t look very properly as before. I really have to think about it deeply, to combine the work done with more things and to take care that it still look clear. I talk about it with a tutor, and I explained her everything. She just told me that I have to in my way and in my style. She knows exactly how I work so she understood my problem. But I will find a solution to the problem and complete the work.


I am sure everything will be completed on time. I just have to be focused on my work and think about it clearly and not be stressed. Because sometimes there are little ridiculous things that are able to destabilise me and I kind of loose control of my ability. Any way I was just a moment today and the next days, I am sure are going to be great.


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