Final Major project -Barcelona research

Wednesday, the 8th of March 2017,
During the morning today, I had my life drawing lesson. Quite unusual lesson because we drew masques. The masques were from Venice and they were so beautiful, with different decorations, colours and shapes, very nice. I really enjoyed it, because, well I now how to draw faces but always when I have to combine them with the body the result is a bit weird, so that why I enjoyed today’s lesson, because we drew completely imaginary heads and so you get more freedom to draw it as you see it. It was quite funny because looked like Alice in wonderland and others from movies we used to watch. So yes it was definitely a lot of fun!



After a great morning, I went back to the fashion studio for my afternoon lesson. First of all we had a meeting about our trip to Barcelona next week. We had choose the roommates and tutors explained us the program and so on.

On this paper sheet, that the tutors gave us, it is written all the visits we are going to do in this week. I am so exited to go to Barcelona. Actually I never been there and I don’t know why, because it is just 1 hour and a half flight to go there from Switzerland so yes I am super happy to visit this unique city and its culture.

So in the afternoon, I decided to do some research about each place I will visit.

In las Ramblas, just next to it there is the famous Boqueria market, and I will definitely go there, it will be the perfect place to get primary research for the theme of Colombia because of all these amazing exotic fruits and bright colours that I love and that we can also find in Colombia, so I am very happy to go there. Well to be honest I won’t only take pictures but also enjoy these delicious savour. On las Ramblas, most of the people don’t now but there is a mosaic sculpture on the floor made by Joan Mirò. Quite sad to say that there are such a lot of tourists and locals that walk on it without paying attention. And then there is la casa museum Gaudi. I discovered this beautiful architecture, the facade in this salmon colour surrounded by all these tropical trees, it will be just the paradise for my South American research even it isn’t but it is very similar. Then of course the park guell with these amazing mosaics and colours that I am going to be inspired. The great thing is that I noticed that on my mood board I’ve cut a lot of little shapes that show the connection between each origins. And that made me think about park guell’s mosaics so isn’t it great to have already a relation with it?!

Later on we are going to visit a lot of museum, Dali and Picasso I know there work but when I will see them in real, it will be just wonderful.
So that’s it for today, I could discover all the wonderful places I will see and I am already looking forward to be there and get very strong primary research.


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