Final Major project – Presentation day

Monday, the 6th of March 2017,

Today it was the presentation day. The goal for today has been to choose the final theme to start with my final major project. I was the first one to present, I talked quickly about the two themes, referring me to the proposals I wrote and on the work I have done so far.

Well I don’t know why, when I started with the first theme, “help save”, I knew exactly the work I have done and I am very proud of it, but the words didn’t come and I don’t know if my presentation was clear enough. Basically, I explain what is my concept and my ideas, but the tutor said that there are missing some primary research, where can I find them? Because I told them, that I went to a part of the rainforest in Colombia and in Brazil and that where I come from in Colombia we are quite near of the tropical forest, so I had the advice to write a kind of letter where I explain my experience of being in a rainforest, the feeling, the atmosphere but also the humidity and all the things that crosses your mind when your are walking in a completely different world. it is just magic and unexpected all the things you can see, hear, and smell. So to complete my first research about the theme, I will take the advice and write a letter to myself about the adventure.

Other primary research I could do, is to go to the tropical house in Switzerland where you really have the feeling of being in a rainforest, there is the exact humidity, with all the trees and fruits you can find there, so it could be a very good primary research place. Also, a classmate told me that when I will go to Barcelona, I could go to the botanical garden, because they have all these exotic plants and so on. There is also one in Cambridge where I could go.

When it came to the second theme “give homage”, it was much more fluent and I had more things to say and everybody noticed it. I talked about the work I have done and all the research with it, so I talked about the past, Colombian indigenous, Bally’s shoemaker and archives. I already know a lot about my origins and the two countries I am from, but I want to learn much more about it and go deeper in the research of my origins, and understand the exact story of my past generation. I spoke a lot with my grandmother the last weekend and I explained her my theme. when I told her that I did research about Bally’s history in fashion, well I already knew but not clearly, that from her mother’s side there was a cousin who worked as a shoemaker for Bally, is it not amazing?! Another thing is that I can also use all these information to mix Swiss and Colombian craftwork.

Finally, as conclusion, I chose ” give homage” and everybody agreed after discussion, because they felt that I could have more relation with the second theme than with the first one even it also touches my origins of Colombia. And well so I came to the conclusion to give homage to my origins of roots and make something great from it. It wasn’t that difficult to choose, because it is so personal and I really have the motivation to explore the history of my family. There is also that my grandmother’s mother  was a indigenous of Colombia. I say that because as you probably know most of the South American people were mixed with Spanish people and to think that there are still 100% indigenous blood somewhere is a wonderful story.

I love to see my Swiss grandmother’s face when I ask her about her past, she likes it because she likes to remember how she lived, how people were and that makes me feel so happy because the past was so wonderful even life was hard but life changed and so go back into amazing souvenirs is just fantastic. A lot of things happened and only those people who were there know, so I am going to ask them to tell me their story….

So my decision has been taken, the only thing is to continue and start with my final major project and plan everything in all its detail.


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