Final Major project – A moment to think.

Thursday, the 9th of March 2017,
Wonderful day today. Beautiful sunny day.

On my timetable I wrote that I am supposed to do research about the places I will go in Barcelona. Already done yesterday… fabric shops research? Done. Artists or designers? Maybe but I still have to think about it. What could I do?

Almost the whole morning was like this, I wrote and wrote how I could continue my project before going to Barcelona, but nothing came into my mind… all the things I researched, I didn’t know if it was a good idea or not. For one moment I was completely lost. I was thinking just to go to Barcelona because there I will get all my primary research for the South American part because there are some similarities, but I still have two school days and the weekend. I felt completely lost and stress arrived, just like this suddenly. I need to talk…

At that moment the tutor called me about the proposals, and told me that everything was ok, I don’t need to add more things because she really see me in these proposals and that is the most important. Well I told her that I will add more things from what I learnt and discovered in the first part of research. After this I told her honestly that I was lost and I didn’t know where to go.

The reason, is that since Monday when I presented my two themes, I haven’t done anything and for me it is kind of not normal, maybe it is completely absurd for you but you know when you are used to work hard everyday for everything ones you go back home after college and suddenly you don’t have to do anything, the feeling of emptiness is here. Well I don’t want to say that I don’t enjoy free time but in fact I really like to keep myself busy all the time and learnt and discover new things. So that is the reason. The tutor kind of laughed because she said to me, that a lot of students would like to be like me. Be well organised and have free time after classes….

I told her that I was waiting to go to Barcelona to get great primary research, because Barcelona is kind of tropical and some of the architectures are similar to South America. Little remainder, that there were Spanish conquistadors that went to Colombia. So there are similarities in some things. Also, I wait to go back home for Easter because it is there where all the books and art and craftwork are from both cultures, Swiss and Colombian. So you see what I mean?

The thing is that I don’t like to spend at all hours in front of the computer doing research. I need to have my books and my objects.

After all this, the tutor really told me that I don’t need to be worried at whole about it, because I am a person who is very organised and know what to do. I am on time and she knows that I am able to complete properly and professionally a whole project in few weeks. So really don’t need to stress and then get interesting primary research from the trip.

Another question she asked me, is what do I do during holidays, do I also work? Well no I don’t work, but when I travel to a new country with my family, I want to discover each place. I want to learn about the culture and their traditions. I am not going to a country to do nothing and burn under the sun at the beach….Discoveries make you think and act.

After this, she just told me, why not going to the archeology and anthropology museum in Cambridge. I know that museum and they have South American objects. I don’t to have specially Colombian artwork but suddenly have already South American ones, it is already great to have inspiration.

You can not imagine how that talk make me feel well again. I knew what to do and so just carry on how I usually do.

In the afternoon, I corrected a little bit my proposals and after this, I knew how to introduce my final theme. On a A4 page I decided to write a letter to my Swiss-Colombian memory. I wrote it and went to the shop to buy some coloured paper.

When I came back I went downstairs to the library and asked if they have south American books. Indeed, she had a magazine and suddenly was a lot about south American textiles and artists. It has been so great to discover new artists that used their origins to create their ark work.

Finally the end of the day arrived and I found myself much more relaxed and not worried at all. I felt great again. Sometimes I just need to talk about what is going on in my mind to be conscious about everything because if I don’t put this out I will randomly think about it and maybe not find a solution. So that was my story for today let’s see what the next days will give me.


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