Final Major project – artists and designers research

Friday, the 10th of March 2017,

On my timetable I wrote that I will probably do some secondary research about artists and designers that could influence me in my work for the project. Actually I have done this at the beginning of the week, so I was thinking what I could do today to make it productive and interesting…
My objectif is not to find all the research on internet. The reasons are that you possibly would have the same photographs than other students even it is not the same theme and looking for research through other sources as books , magazines or videos and lots more, all these make the research much more interesting, you get more developed informations about a theme and the puctures are unique, you wouldn’t find them on internet perhaps. Maybe there are lots more reasons but there are going in the same way as those before. 
So I went to the library downstair, I asked for books or magazines about South America and Switzerland. She showed me a great magazine called “Selvedge”, it is a magazine that talk about artists and designers from all around the world, but also about fabric and textiles we use and wear each day, then explain from where it comes from and how people produce it. So yes very interesting, I am very happy to have discovered this magazine. A lot of issues talk about South America, explaining the different cultures and traditions showing typical and colourful fabrics. 

Because we can’t take these magazines, I photocopied the pages I found very interesting and suitable as research for the project. I discovered such great and interesting artists and fashion designers that are just perfectly related to my theme. Well not all of them are from Colombia, juste one, but it doesn’t matter, all others are from South America and each country from South America come from the same root so actually everything remains connected. When looking at these artists, I decided to do so; mix of primary and secondary South American artists research and then Colombian artists research. There will be a kind of continuation between all these in a logical way. Can I say that is more primary or secondary research? Well I found artists and their work looking at interesting magazines, but because the size of the magazine was half small and bigger that A4 the printer couldn’t copy the page properly, so I tried to look for the exact photographs on their official websites. So finally I can say that it is a mix of both kind of research. 
So the artists I am going to present you are: 

Ernesto Neto, he is a Brazilian artist, he make incredible installations using a mix of thread and plastic. All his work are very colourful and the technique he uses are similar to macramé so that why I found him very interesting. 

The French and Colombian craft artist, is more focused on hand made bags using typical Colombian hand made techniques with plants .

Helen Rödel, German living in brazil, is a specialist in knitting clothes and macramé technique.

Anne Menke is a photographer and she did a whole photoshoot around the theme of Merxican traditions. 

Otherwise, I found a very interesting article about spanish fabric and textiles, the whole history about it and where it began. I found it interesting to add it because of my trip to Barcelona so I can already have a kind of relation. 
Well I got such a lot of articles and so interesting, I really learnt a lot about South American fabric. But yes this magazine has been defenetly a great source of primary research and I will use all the knowledge I learnt in my project to show that I am not doing research to do research but also at the end use them productively.


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