Barcelona trip week – Art study

Tuesday the 14th of March 2017,
Second day, and it began with a wonderful sunshine, it was a great start because when you are used to be under grey skies and rain with just a little bit of sun all the time, it is really nice to have warm and wonderful weather. And also the weather here makes a very big difference, it gives you a lot of energy and vitamins and you just can feel happy.

Today’s program was to visit Gaudi’s house, park Guell and Fundation Antonio Tapies. First of all, we had a very nice walk to the underground metro. It is very easy to use it I was surprised, and so we took it and went out at “Vallacarca” stop. We arrived in a very old place, surround of colourful walls, really nice. So we started to walk up a hill and really I was impressed by what I was seeing, because it had such a lot of similarities with Colombia, Ibagué, the town I am from, so I could feel my real South American Soul. Great. I took a lot of pictures and when we arrived on the top, the view was wonderful. The park was surrounded by palm trees, colourful flowers and little parrots, just amazing. As I said it is the exact same landscape as in Colombia and that made me feel so happy and a lot of memories came back.

When I arrived in front of Gaudi’s house, I was impressed by the beauty of it. The colour and the architecture was wonderful. It was a great discovery, I learnt a lot about him. How he used to live and what kind of work he used to create. Something he used to say often, is that he was deeply concerned by the origins of the family and keeping the traditions are the main things to go further in its life. And I totally agree, it is the main point to be and keep successful of our entire life. Gaudi was a very intelligent man, he lived in the simplicity but in a clever way and I think that influenced his work.


After have visited the house, we went down to park Guell that was part of Gaudi’s propriety. Again, I was so happy to see all these colourful mosaics. I can’t really tell how happy I was to be there, we really had a great time. And I could do a lot of relation with my theme project and all what I was seeing. I am going to use all these in my project definitely.

After lunch, I had a nice walk in the park with two other friends, we took the sun and looked at the beautiful view that was given to us. I was completely charged by energy with all this sun!

In the afternoon, we went back to the centre, we took the metro again and went out at “Passeig de Gracia” and we walked in the direction to the art gallery of Antonio Tapies. At the beginning I thought I won’t have at all primary research from Barcelona about Switzerland, but I was wrong. The art gallery was very big in space, and when went in, everything was white with thousands of postcards. When I walked around, I saw a whole wall covered with swiss postcards showing landscapes and swiss tradition. I was really glad to see this. I immediately took a lot of pictures of the wall. Really it was great. I read that Switzerland has been for several times a place for the artist to relax and think about everything and get new ideas. So I can say that Switzerland has always been a place where artists went to relax and get inspired….

After have finished, we were free, so I just enjoyed with friends the rest of the day.

Definitely it was a great, wonderful, amazing and all these kind of words to describe the day. I got such a lot of inspiration and primary research for my project but not only, I learnt a lot about great people such a Gaudi and Antoni Tapies but also people who worked with them to create stunning things.


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