Barcelona trip week – Art study

Wednesday the 15th of March 2017,

Third day and a great day was expecting everybody, particularly me. We had to wake up much earlier than usual because we were going to visit Dali’s museum in Figueres, it was 2 hours by coach to go there but it didn’t matter because the weather was with us. Sunny and warm.

When we arrived there, you could directly recognise Dali’s museum because of its very interesting outside architecture that remember as his paintings of the surrealism movement. When I went inside, the space was enormous with a lot of light and very big masterpieces. It was just amazing to be part of Salvador Dali’s world for few hours, I really enjoyed each room, from his early paintings to the last ones. I saw a lot of paintings of him in picture in high school, and now I had the opportunity to see them in real, I was really really happy and all his best pieces were exposed, so the show was even greater.

In total, I spent three hours inside, reading and looking at every detail and don’t forget to take a lot of photographs of each piece of art that could match with my project, well not only for this but also for my own knowledge.

-Soft Self portrait with Grilled Bacon, 1941, Salvador Dali

Once I finished, I walked around the small town of Figueres, it is a really nice one. I liked it a lot. After this, it was already time to go back to Barcelona by coach. Instead of leaving us at the hotel, the coach dropped us out next to the beach in the Barceloneta place. It was a nice place, a lot of people were there taking the sun and practicing sport. A friend and I, walked along the beach in direction to the city where las Ramblas are. We decided to have dinner in the market, well not exactly, but like take away and then eat our food in the hotel. And in my biggest surprise a found a place where they were selling South American food. Tamales, empanadas… and lots more. It was just a dream.
So that’s it for today, what a wonderful day, I learnt and discovered such a lot. You cannot imagine how grateful I am.


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