Barcelona trip week – Art study

Monday the 13th of March 2017,
First day of the trip to Barcelona, first of all, everything went super well and smoothly from college to the airport Stansted also the flight to Barcelona went great. Once arrived in Barcelona airport we had a little problem but it could be solved so it was alright.

I was sitting in the coach looking at the landscape and the beautiful sunshine. Everything was perfect, I was really excited to do this trip and here I am now, just wonderful.we arrives at the hotel, we did the check-in and got our rooms.

The program for the rest of the day was to go all together to las Ramblas, it is a long street where a lot of shops and restaurants are. Well, then we were free to go and explore this street. I was with five other friends, and we had a really wonderful time there. But because of the long journey, we were very hungry and walking down the street, on the right hand side we discovered the Boqueria market. Amazing, an enormous covered market, where they everything, fish, seafood, tropical fruits and juices. It was just the paradise.

So finally we decided to eat in the market and we found a great place where they prepare fish and seafood dishes in front of you, very fresh. I really felt at home in Colombia, the smell and the colours were just stunning and full of memories.

When we got our plates, I couldn’t believe it. The smell, the colour and the taste of my salmon was delicious I was like in heaven. Just great first experience in Barcelona.

After our wonderful dinner, we just walked around the city and then we went back to the hotel because we were quite tired of the day.

But honestly I got such a lot of inspiration just for the first day that I can’t wait for the next ones!


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