Barcelona trip week – Art study

Thursday the 16th of March 2017,
What a wonderful day today again. The plan first of all was to go to the Contemporary Art museum. Well to be honest, contemporary art is not my favourite but it was still interesting and special to see and I could learn about it, in the way how these artists work and why they chosen to create art pieces like this. However, I think I could get some good primary research, related to colours and shapes but I still have to check the pictures I took. Talking about the museum, the architecture is really big, with a lot of space and a lot of luminosity. The space and the art pieces work together in my opinion, almost everything is put in the right order leaving enough space and luminosity for visitors to have look.

I wasn’t expecting again to find something about Switzerland or here about Colombia, but I was wrong again. There was a room about international cultures mixed together. I quite liked it. The most surprising thing is that I found on the floor that the Swiss and Colombian flag are just next to each other. Is it a coincidence or just luck for my project? Well in any cases, I appreciate any way the museum, even there were special works shown.

Another thing I really liked, was what it was written on the wall. Words and objects from our daily life become a mathematical problem and give the result of  “some things” at the end. Isn’t it great? Well for me is something quite logical and true.

For the afternoon, the program was to go to Picasso’s museum. Another thing is that I wanted to visit La Sagra Familia, the cathedral that Gaudi built. Well it wasn’t in the program but I didn’t want to leave Barcelona without seeing it. So I spoke to few teachers and they told me that other students were going at lunch time and then they will meet the rest of the group at the museum. So I decided to go with the other classmates to the cathedral. Wow! It was really worth to go there, I don’t regret it at all. The spectacle that was in front of us was stunning. Really beautiful.

Inside it was even greater. The colours and the architecture were incredible. I can’t really find the words but for being in a cathedral is always something very special. I don’t know if for the tourists who go there is the same or they just go and visit the cathedral because people said they have to go and visit it, but do they also consider the religious part of it, because as I remember, religion and believe in god was something very important for Gaudi… well, we stayed there a bit more than 1 hour but I think it wasn’t enough to see everything in detail, but finally the most important is to have been there.

After this, we walked back to the centre where the Picasso museum is. Quite a long way to there but we could discover new place and get inspired by the Barcelona daily life style.

Once we arrived there, I was really happy to have the opportunity to see all picasso’s masterpieces. From the early periods to the most abstract ones. I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately we couldn’t take photographs, but everything is in my memory, I photographed the paintings with my eyes and mind. The architecture is also special but I found it great. It is made with stone, a bit old but there is a style behind that give the place something special and interesting.

I enjoyed every room of the museum but then I was so tired of all the walk I did today, that I decided to go and buy something to eat and then back to the hotel.

I still have tomorrow morning before leaving Barcelona. I just had a wonderful and amazing week. I got such a lot of inspiration and photographs for my project. But not only this, also for my own knowledge it was really nice to visit a new city as Barcelona.


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