Barcelona trip week – Art study

Friday the 17th of March 2017,
Well, last day of my wonderful and amazing trip to Barcelona. For the last day, we went the morning to visit casa Batllo, a house that Gaudi also built for his family. Really nice construction inside, typical Gaudi, because of the shapes of each room and the colour he used. Most of his inspiration came from the nature and animals, and you can notice it a lot. We had a audio guide explaining us everything, for what use was the rooms and so on. They even showed us how each room was decorated when Gaudi’s family was living in there. So yes definitely great discovery again.

Well it is the end of our tour….

I can’t believe that I spent 5 days in Barcelona with great people and friends. I had definitely an amazing time and I don’t regret at all my trip decision.

During the trip I bought several post cards from each place I went. I will put them in my sketchbook to illustrate my journey, but I am not going to put the original ones, because actually I like to collect post cards from each trip I do, so in this case I will photocopy them and stick them in my sketchbook.

Another thing that I appreciate the most next to the week in Barcelona, was to discover and learn another side of the personality of my classmates and teachers. I saw new people and that is really nice to see.

So let’s go back to reality, work hard for the project until the end, but I am sure everything is going to be alright for everybody and for myself. I am very exited to use all the photographs and new skills I took and learnt and use them for my final major project. It is not that long before going back home for Easter, I have to show the best side of my abilities to work with efficacy and I am also very exited to tell everybody the great journey I had in Barcelona.


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