Final Major project – Trip sketchbook

Monday, the 20th of March 2017,

I’ve been very exited to go back to college to use all the photographs taken during my trip in Barcelona. Today, my plan was to print out all the pictures I am going to use for the small trip sketchbook and for the biggest one for the project and also start to work on the chosen theme for the final major project as I decided to do in may timetable.

But there where some changes. Finally the whole day I worked on the small trip sketchbook, I stuck every ticket, every flyer and all the things I could get to illustrate my journey in this amazing sunny and warm city. I did a small introduction for each day, explaining what was the program of the day, and how I felt during the day. I stuck the corresponded flyers and tickets to the museum, with some photographs and drawings that I could do there to show what I saw there.

I couldn’t imagine that just for a 5 days journey, the notebook could be so thick and full of interesting information from each place I’ve been. I really liked to do it. For me it was like related to my theme. Well mine is about the memories of the two cultures, and here is more about just the memories of one week spent with great people. But I can say there is a similarity.

The tutors told us today that on Wednesday, we will have a quick presentation of our notebook trip and until then it must be completed. I don’t need to be worry of this, because I could finish it today, the reason is that I also worked on it during the weekend when I came back from the trip , so that why I took a little bit of advance.

Once I finished my notebook, I noticed that maybe I would have been able to complete another one with lot more pictures and drawings, but also with other small magazines I found in the museums where I went. I have such a lot of things to tell and show, I could talk about my fantastic journey the whole day at any time, but any way…

Finally, just to make clear, I lost a day in my timetable, because of doing my notebook, but it doesn’t matter because it is just one day and no more so it easy to catch up, and I will probably work on my project tomorrow in printing out all the pictures I will need to complete my work.



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