Final Major project – Barcelona primary research

Wednesday, the 22nd of march 2017,


In the morning I had my life drawing lesson. I really enjoyed it because we dod something completely new. It was based on the work of Matisse, when you cut out shapes to create and Artwork. So actually the model did poses as usual, but we just had to draw the outside lines. After this, we had to cut out the shapes and stick them on a black paper, keeping the negative spaces and with all of this create a nice page of cut shapes.

Our tutor  told us something, the model with had went to Mexico to teach English to a very poor place called Merida, the children don’t have a correct classroom and what they learn it is not enough for their education, so the model went there to help them and he had a lot of compassion and really want to help them to get the best eduction for these young children. So the he decided to run few raises to get money for this school, he asked for donations and 100 % of the money  will go tho the school to help the children there. I know exactly the feeling he had when he went there, I am from Colombia and the situation is similar to Mexico,and it just break my heart to see the children having nothing but they are still happy. I love to help them each time I go there, I always take with me things to give to them, and seeing their wonderful smile on their face makes me feel so happy, it is just an incredible moment. So I decided to help the model with the donation, he gave me the website where I can donate, he was so happy, I could see it on his face, for me it is something completely normal logical to help.

Well, the morning passed and I started my fashion lesson, the previous day I printed out all the pictures I am going to use for my primary research about Barcelona. This day I started to stick them of my sketchbook making collage and drawings. For each place I went in Barcelona, I chose the best pictures that could relate perfectly with my theme, even it is based on the colours, the architecture or just the warm atmosphere from there. It is funny, it is like Barcelona gave me in everyplace the things I wanted, because in each museum or place I went there has been something for my  project, it is luck or coincidence?

Any way, I started to work on it and now I have a lot to do, so let’s get focused again and work on it as well as I can.


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