Final Major project – Essay & Barcelona Primary research

Tuesday the 21st of March 2017,

Starting with Tuesday, I had my C&CS lesson. At that time we started to talk about the essay we have to complete related to our final major project. To be honest I have really no idea how I would like to write my essay and what it will talk about. I had a discussion with my tutor, I explained her my idea of project and how my final piece could look like and so on. To make it clear, my theme is based on the memories from my origins; Swiss and Colombian, it is an homage I want to give them. It is about their cultures and traditions but also about the connection they have between each other.

How could I create a question around this idea?

I thought about many question but I am not totally satisfied, I thought about maybe talk about the Bilateral relations between Switzerland and Colombia, but then it will be related to much to Politics and economic, honestly it could be very interesting, but not at all related to fashion or about an artistic field.

Talking to my tutor, she said that combining two completely different cultures and traditions, creating something completely new and innovative could be something very interesting.

She gave me a clue to start with my research, maybe look at cultural fusion, look for artists and designers that have two cultural backgrounds and how they deal with them.

When we were talking about my final piece, I said that I want to combine Colombian craftwork with the Swiss one. The thing is that it is based on my memories, as I said previously, it is something personal and not everyone knows, so how to create a piece that everybody could understand and see the concept behind. it is something I really have to think about it, but it will be alright.

Because I passed my IELTS test, I don’t need to go to my English lessons anymore, so on this day, I finished at 11am, instead of going home,I decided to stay at school the whole afternoon to work on my project. I started to print out all the pictures I am going to use for the first part of my research about Barcelona, what and where the places that have a great and interesting relation with my theme. So I printed out everything, I knew what kind of photographs I wanted to use so it was much easier to decide.



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