Final major project – Barcelona primary research

Thursday, the 23rd of March 2017,


Today Thursday, I continued with the organisation and work about my trip to Barcelona. The purpose of this work is to show that I was able to find great and interesting primary research about my theme, give homage to my origins, Swiss and Colombian being in another country. Everything has been so wonderful, I wrote in my small introduction if it was luck or coincidence and what is the percentage of a city that has the research and inspiration you need for your project. It is hard to say I have to admit, but I guess this trip was made for me and I am more than happy to use all these amazing inspiration to explain and illustrate my work. Honestly, each place where I went they had something for me, even about Switzerland, and that surprised me the most. So if you want to discover my journey just go and have a look inside my work.

I really started from the beginning, creating a kind of mood board, showing the atmosphere of the environment I have been during the 5 days, illustrating colour and architecture working together with and amazing smell and warm feeling, it just made me go back to my memories of South America and that was wonderful.

In the next pages I described the sensation of the Boqueria Market, the place where people sell tropical fruits and fresh juices. A place that remind me all my past and it definitely give homage to what I want… I took a photograph of a stand where it was written “Vidal Pons 1897”, can you imagine that it is a wonderful family affair working in the market since 1897, selling fresh juices and tropical fruits and the greatest is that they are origin from South America! Isn’t it fantastic? Just what I needed.

The two next pages, I got inspired by the city. it is old but full of coloured walls and doors. It is what I was looking for, the exact copy of Colombia. In Colombia it is a hard and poor life but rich in happiness. Where ever you will put a step, you will see colour and looking at them, you will feel gaiety filling your body from the top to the bottom. I was wondering why there was such a lot of similarities… In Barcelona you can find a statue of Christoph Colomb, it give homage to him after he came back from South America and discovered this amazing land full of wealth and he took back to Spain. So for for me it is logic that the influence come from there and still remain with its hard background. I have to admit that  had a great idea how I wanted to present  these two pages, but the final result wasn’t really what I expected. Well it is done and I will leave it like it is. Any way it is not the most important, I just wanted to show my inspiration and influence I got from there.


One more for today, it was Gaudi’s house, Catalan architect born in 1852 and passed away in 1926. On the photographs I have chosen to explain this part, it shows the Mediterranean vegetation and the sea view, reminding Gaudi of his childhood. Gaudi’s house conserves his total memory to the most intimate and private room in the house, it reflects the simplicity and humility of the architect, an austere man with strong Christian convictions.

I relate Gaudi a lot with my world, he thinks about his past and remember his childhood. He doesn’t forget his origin and believes are very important to him. I took this picture of the window, a small light comes in, enough to remember the simplicity of a man.


That has been the work I created today. Even there has been a page I am not really happy with, it doesn’t matter, we learn from our mistakes, and also I will be maybe able to explain more about it and say instead what I wanted, something like that. Well there is still a lot to do, I don’t want to make my work in the rush but I would like to the most possible before Eater.


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