Final major project – Barcelona primary research

Friday the 24th of March 2017,
Well, already the end of the week, time goes so fast, it’s incredible…

Today I haven’t done that much, because what I decided to do took me the whole day, so that why. I arrived at the research page about Park Güell, a wonderful park, all that vegetation and the atmosphere is fantastic. The day when I went there, it was so warm and sunny, and of course you can imagine that it became a great place for me to take photographs of the place for my project.

Park Güell has a big background. Bought by Eusebi Güell, he had the intention to build a luxurious complex of houses in this magnificent environment and view of the sea. Eusebi Güell had an incredible friendship relation with Gaudi, and so he asked him to create the park for him. They understood each other, they had the same believes and deep rooted patriotism for their country. Unfortunately the project failed and only two houses were built. But it became the most famous place to visit in Barcelona, relaxing and enjoying walking under palm trees.

The park is full of symbolic content, but are the real symbols of park Güell? Nobody really knows but many research show relationships with classical Greece, the Christian tradition and Catalonia. A very deep origin, full of history, and a background of deep roots. Even UNESCO named the park, a Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1984.

Park Güell has been as a fantastic dream to get inspiration and colourful research. The greatest is that I found a super relation with my theme and the mosaics of the park. Can you remember the mood board I’ve created? Now look at the mosaics that I took in photograph. There is a similarity and that fills my heart of happiness, kind of… it is the connection between each piece, between each memory. All the pieces spread out themselves but always come back together.

So here it is the double page I made today, I’ve been so focused the whole day sticking these little shapes, that I couldn’t think about something else.

There is still a lot to do, so let’s keep going:)


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