Final major project – Barcelona primary research

Weekend of the 25th and 26th of March 2017,

I am really impressed by myself, I achieved the goal I gave to me when I came back from Barcelona. My goal was to finish all my primary research and inspirations found there this week and I did it. I am not in the rush at all, the opposite, I am just following my timetable and I keep it as it is.

As I said, Friday I finished with my first part about park Güell, this weekend I continued with the second part. I recreated a cactus with fabric and mosaics with fabric either. For me it was a way to demonstrate another way to explain my ideas of tropics. The place I took as photograph reminds me Morocco. Well not really in relation with Switzerland or Colombia but isn’t it the goal in my project to mix different cultures? Who knows, from where we really come from, who knows what really happened  in the past? In park Güell everything is full of surprises. Surprise of colour,shape and even light. It remembers the past, life before modernity and technology, time when we used our hands to create and develop ideas and art craft work…

For the next one, I decided to create my own art work, making collage of all the swiss cards, including few South American ones. As Antoni Tapies said, just express your own ideas of work and root. The Fundacion Antoni Tapies has been founded in 1984 by himself with the goal to let the artistic expression come out of the new generation of young artists. To let the modern and Contemporary ideas get expressed under different ways.

The first time when I went in the exhibition, an enormous space  was in front of my eyed. I wasn’t expecting to see that kind of work at all. Thousands of postcards from all around the world were on the walls. Divided by different sections. I started to walk when my eyes saw a familiar postcard. I did few steps backwards and discovered a whole wall about Switzerland. My heart started to bit very fast, actually I couldn’t believe that there would be Swiss inspiration in Barcelona. There was everything, all the traditions, the lifestyle from the past to the present, black and white and coloured ones. Really what a fantastic discovery. Basically  that was my reaction there in this art gallery. It was really great. So I took several pictures and created my own wall in my sketchbook. In the middle an envelop, as all these cards were sent by post as we used to do. To be honest I still send post cards. It is something so beautiful and personal, I always enjoy it.

My inspiration continues with the extraordinary experience in Salvador Dali’s museum. You will probably agree with me, that Dali’s surrealistic world has nothing similar with my homage to my origins, well not really, I can interpret it as an homage to the greatest surrealist artist, but what I wanted to show  with his work is that it remind me the texture and colour of Colombia. You might say that everything is green there and full of hope, there is hope but sometimes the reality is to good and earth became red, reflecting heaven, our previous generation sacrificed a lot to let us live. Well, so to illustrate all this, I decided to use this wonderful wall painting, that is in front of the museum but I don’t know who did it. And also this painting that Dali made but unfortunately there wasn’t any information about it and I tried to find it on internet but I didn’t found anything.

There are such a lot of things to explain about the work I’ve made this weekend, but I am nearly there….

The next one if when we went to the contemporary art museum. First of all there is a work inspired by Mircea Cantor’s work. He made a barbey wire with his fingerprints. Normally it is the symbol of separation and connection between cultures and traditions. Normally it bars the way, but I wanted to change it and connect again cultures and lives, everything must remain together. So that why I did a lot of fingerprints on the paper, next to each other or crossing each other, just to explain the interaction between each root.

That has been the main idea of this page. There are other photographs that I took and used, it is still in the same idea of interconnection, be together and remember the way to follow for each decision. It remembers backgrounds of my city, the civil war, emptiness, it is an homage to the citizen who lived there…

The Sagrada Familia, what a wonderful visit. I just want to say something about it and I just want to focus on it in this blog about the cathedral. The Sagrada Familia contains one of the most beautiful doors. The Glory doors. In Spanish; Puertas de la Gloria( my mother’s name. The glory of my entire life… well I don’t have to forget my father but it is just in relation with the cathedral). The doors tell the story of Humanity and the path to eternal happiness, written in 50 different languages as an expression of brotherhood between cultures. That is just amazing. When I saw with my own eyes the doors, I didn’t know what to say or think it was just wonderful. When I saw it, Later on I thought about my situation; the brotherhood between cultures, Swiss and Colombian, living in England, inspired in Spain. I found this wonderful this kind of mixture.

The last discovery of my journey was casa Batllo, a house built by Antoni Gaudi in 1904. The whole house is an artistic and architectural surprise. Everything is inspired by nature and wildlife. I decided to add casa Batllo in my project inspiration, because the house is unique in every detail, Gaudi remembered from where he took the ideas from, he tells a story of his past. Originality consists of going back to the origins…

As you can see I redraw the house, on the balcony I wanted to draw flowers for the spring season but instead I put beads, the reason is that it consists to accord an homage to the craftwork of my roots.

At the end I wrote an evaluation about my feeling of the work. I spent 7 days on these inspiration and I really enjoyed it a lot. There is a lot about South America inspiration and just one big  for Switzerland. It doesn’t I don’t think about it but as you could imagine, in Barcelona it is more tropical than something else and get Swiss research and inspiration is not that easy, I’ve been fortunate to find few ideas but I will work on it for the next step.


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