Final major project – South American Artists

Monday the 27th of March 2017,


I achieved the goal I gave to me for the last weekend, now it is time to work on artists that have  a relation with my theme. I decided to do so; I am going to research South American artists instead of Colombian ones, they have any way a connection between each other because South American Art craftwork will always remain to its root and every Latin artists use this as base. For me there will be more possibility of research and inspiration going from there.

So today I started with a great one, his main idea is that his sculpture can be used for fun. But my idea of his work is about something else. Ernesto Neto is a Brazilian artist born in 1964 in Rio de Janeiro. He is very well known for his enormous sculpture, colourful and shapely interesting, he like to express traditional abstract art. With his sculptures, people can touch, walk on it, live, feel and smell. It is what I said before, that is Ernesto Neto’s main idea. But my interest comes form something else. For me it is the impressive technique used create his work, the structure of colour and the traditional purpose. Ernesto Neto use the technique of knitting and knots, for him it is the purpose of none separation between people and nature , in fact it is very similar to my idea of connection between different cultures.

I really like the work he is doing, he keeps a strong relation with his origins. He created a whole exhibition about the life in Rio de Janeiro, he wants to share his culture with the visitors. The room was full of colourful threads, it is the story of Rio’s streets, the survive of Humanity and the representation of Brazilian life, all this in the samba rhythm and all these shown through the colours; red, yellow, blue, orange, purple and green.

Next to it, I tried to recreate with these colours a similar work as Ernesto’ ones. To be honest it isn’t at all easy, I spent the whole day doing this, but the result is interesting and related to my inspiration craftwork.

So he was my first South American Artist inspiration research. He is a really a fantastic artist, it is just incredibly interesting what he is able to create and demonstrate each time the purpose of his work.


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