Final major project – South American artists

Wednesday the 29th of March 2017,


In the morning, I had my life drawing lesson, I wasn’t expecting at all what we were going to do. It was just a great surprise, well inline drawing you never really know what you are going to learn and what kind of technique you are going to use. So, with my biggest enjoyment, we drew on newspaper, I always wanted to do it and know I could inside my lesson. Seriously it was really great, I used charcoal black and white to show the contrasts and light and thing that made me really happy is that the teacher compared my last drawing with an artist and she really liked it as much as I do. So it was great to hear this from her.


In the afternoon I continued with my final major project now based on South American artists research. It is the turn of Valentina Hoyos, she is a Colombian – French artisan. Over thirty years she is working with local Colombian people, she only works with traditional craftwork to create her products using only natural fibres and native seeds. Every thing what she does is made in a pure and simple gesture, calm and fascinating, slowly, in no hurry with no defined horizon, it is just a root… it is all about discovering, sharing and creating together. For me what she creates is simple with made with refinement and passion. Another thing that I wanted to introduce are the coffee seeds, a very natural one for the use of hundred of possibilities. I wanted to do something with it, Colombian coffee is like the biggest treasure in this country, everything is based on this. So my idea has been to draw on calico, a natural cotton fabric with coffee, it has been inspired by the traditional coffee, creating something natural with native seeds. As you maybe can see it represent a man and its donkey walking through mountains and fields, getting ready to prepare the most delicious flavour in the world…

I really enjoyed creating this page, it remind me a lot my country and this wonderful smell. Every thing is collected and made by hand, a traditional and deep generation.

I worked on two other artists this day, there is Helen Rodel, her label was born in the south of Brazil, in a place where knitting merges into the local tradition. Everything is hand made, for her it is very important to look after artisanal techniques and bring the past into the future. I saw several videos about the knitting techniques her artisans use to create the collections, it is just amazing, and the result is fabulous. Honestly I could wear her piece of clothing, they are very well done and the use of colour is also present and an important part of her process to work with traditions.

Next one, Anne Menke, is is not at all South American, she is a German photographer, but most of her life is in Mexico. Anne Menke mixes bohemian travel and free spirit with local exoticism, It is an important path to keep authenticity and look after Latin American traditions and roots, because the main resources come from there and nobody wants to loose them.

Even artists are not one hundred percent South American, they pay attention and care about these countries full of deep rooted history, they want to keep them and never loose them. I think it is something really wonderful to still have people like this in our world…


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