Final major project – South American artists

Thursday the 30th of March 2017,


Today I finished my last page about South American Artists, well there will always be research about other artists, but here in my inspiration and research part, that designer will be the last one for the moment before to start with my Swiss research part.

May I introduce you, Johanna Ortiz. Deep rooted fashion designer, Johanna Ortiz is one of the rare designers who pay a lot of attention to her traditions and keep them in her collections. The things that is really great, is that all her designs are made with the respect of human and the respect of very technical hand craftsmanship from Colombia. The use of made by hand and natural textures are part of traditions and generations, and it is what Johanna Ortiz wants to keep, because it is important to show our respect and gratitude to them and be thankful….

In each collection, she gives a lot of attention to the necklines and shoulders, it is a very feminine part of the body and a perfect part the show latin vibes, everything is high in colour and gives the sensation of salsa music. The photographs I have chosen to show her work, are all from the High summer’ 17 collection. The are very refine and feminine, the shapes demonstrate perfectly the Colombian style. Next to it, I drew illustrations, working on neck and shoulders lines, to this and decided to put very bright colour, a mix of orange and red and using a piece of orange fabric for the edge of the line. I really tried to be  focused on them and show how the South American style look like, I think I did it pretty well, actually I am very happy with my work.

So, one of the first research part is finished, I enjoyed it every moment, the work I created make me really happy and for me it shows exactly the perfect combination between past and present, pay attention to the traditions and origins and keep a strong technical craftwork.


At the end of the day, I had my individual tutorial with my teacher. She had a look at m y sketchbook, looking what I have done so far since we started. With my greatest enjoyment, she has been really happy with my work, it completes all the criteria, she liked the pages I  made, mixing research with drawings, creating my own style of demonstrating my ideas, also the way to go deep in the details of my ideas and not go away from my theme. We talked a lot about my work, my ideas for the future and the happiness of my work, because I really enjoy my work and my ideas every moment so that is wonderful. I am still following my timetable, I am in time and that makes my work successful. I told her that then I am going to start with the Swiss part and ones I finished this, at home I will do more drawings, because I have a lot of traditional swiss and Colombian objects and they could be very interesting of army project, using the details, motifs and colours for the development of my final piece, even the texture and structure could be one of the main thing to add. The tutor asked me about own I would like to exhibit my work and honestly I have no idea yet, but I am sure I will find a good idea ones I decided what kind of final piece I will do. We really talked a lot about everything, there has been such a lot of things to explain her and ask her, but at the end, she just said well done and keep going as I do….


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