Final major project – Swiss artists

Friday the 31st of March 2017,
Today Friday I haven’t done that much for my project, because it was the fashion show day and everybody has been super busy preparing everything for the evening, but I did some work anyway.

So today I started with my Swiss inspiration research about artists. For me wearing a traditional watch doesn’t make you a Swiss person, neither eating delicious cheese or chocolate, walking or skiing in the mountains. For me what does you feel Swiss, I guess it is the secret you keep about the peaceful and quiet land, the secret of innovation and idea. Also it is the history you know about it and how you use it. It is the homage you give to this land and how you show it. This is a part of my reason of being and feeling Swiss, a part of my consideration of loving being Swiss and give to the next generation the knowledge of all these many reason that make you happy of your land.

I decided to start this part with a typical kind of vintage post card. A ski stick surrounded by typical mountain flowers, a bell that indicates the time and your position, just enjoy the simplicity of an innovative land… I know that just before I said that I don’t want to be Swiss through the clichĂ©s but here it is different, I just want to express my gratitude and give an homage to it.

Then, here it starts seriously with the real purpose of being grateful to Switzerland.

Albert Anker, I am going to say it straight forward, he is my favourite Swiss painter… Swiss national painter, he was born in 1831 and passed away in 1910. For me the all the inspiration and research about Albert Anker is something so pure and authentic. He showed the reality of life in Swiss villages, he never hided and changed it. He painted what he saw and he never made it more beautiful and what more beautiful than the reality of life even it is hard to admit it.

There is a purpose behind each painting I have chosen to explain this inspiration. They are all delicate and pure, they show the exact past Swiss generation, the colours and textures, the patience of work and the simplicity of a person… we don’t need anything else, that is my meaning of being. Just leave always a trace behind you and so it will remind you from everything…

Ones if you don’t know what to do, please go and have a look at Albert Anker’s work. Just look at these wonderful gestures, the delicateness and the person, the look they give to you, colours and feelings…

That was it for today, just to tell you that during the rest of the day, we all went to King street to practice for the fashion show and later on, the evening went just great, we had all such a lot of fun and the result was gorgeous. I had really a nice time…


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