Final Major project – Essay research for introduction

Tuesday the 4th of  April 2017,

Today for my contextual and critical studies, we were given a paper sheet to start seriously to think about the final essay we have to write to complete our final major project. It is the structure we have to follow, so that the essay will be made in a logical  and comprehensive way. So I started to write my introduction even I haven’t decided my final title yet, I know that I am very interested about cultural fusion, because even my project title is about giving homage, it is an homage to my both origins so it is a cultural fusion and I think it could link quite well between the project and the essay, but I still have to explore more this idea, but for now, there is a first idea for my essay…

How cultural fusion allows innovation in the Arts?
Cultural fusion and innovation have been combined for not so long, it is a new creation putting together different elements, it allows also new expressions. Cultural fusion in arts, is something very common, it gives more possibilities to explore and create a very innovative outcome, the reason it that the combination of completely different origins make the piece much more interesting to understand and see, in our mind the mixture is allowed and the viewer is transported in a new space of discoveries.
As a self cultural fusion, I am very interested in this unique concept of fusion and explore further the idea of combining the creativity of it will be my main focus, but first of all the issues I am going to explore and explain to you later on in the essay below will be Historical culture, it is the idea of the relationship that a human has with the past and with its own past, the History is all about the making of a country, in the opposite, culture is about the making of a man. Secondly, I would like to explore how fashion and art use cultural fusion to create their own work and come out with a total new innovative piece. To finish, Switzerland and Colombia are my cultural fusion, and the idea to explore further these two origins, that are very different, might be very interesting to develop, also the combination that I can create between each other, might be one of the issues of the essay.
My main focus for this essay will be of course the cultural fusion in general and then more focused on my own experience of self cultural fusion, however I would like to combine this to fashion and arts and how people use this understanding to create.


So here it is my approximative first part, well I still have to think about it very deeply to be sure that what I am going to tell is interesting enough and well linked to my project without forgetting the structure. I have to research in this way of my introduction idea, explore it and develop it.




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