Final major project – Swiss artists

Monday the 3rd of April 2017,

Few last days left before Easter vacation…

Today I focused on my Swiss artists research. As I said I really would like to do as much as possible so I won’t need to work a lot during the holidays, however I will of course continue my primary research, doing drawings and taking photographs about Switzerland and Colombia.

After Albert Anker, I decided to present a very typical Art made all by hand, with a lot of patience and with the passion of the swiss tradition. There are different ways to called it; paper cutting or decoupage…

There are not specific artists who do this traditional craft, people are autodidact and independent, it is all based on traditions, memories, the respect and the love for the country. It is a history of Artisans who show like a poetry of Alpine traditions and nostalgia but also give homage to the most ancient generation of traditional culture.

If you remember at the beginning I didn’t want at all get focused on cliches, however here it is a completely other thing, can you see all these minuscule details on the paper, it is so precise, this kind of art work is just magic. Decoupage is only made in black and white, it is the traditions since ages and it still remain like this. As you can see, I tried to do a similar paper cut. Well it is not detailed at all, but it gives the idea of the concept…


After this traditional craft, I made my research about this famous swiss brand, Bally. it has been founded in 1851 in Switzerland in the canton of Solothurn ( Can you imagine, it is where my grandmother lives..). This company was at the beginning a family affaire, it still is, but they were known in the country for the creations of ribbons. A trip to Paris may have change their future, Carl Franz Bally wanted to buy shoes with laces for his wife, however he couldn’t remember the exact size, so he went to the factory, where the made the shoe and at that time, he noticed that the ribbons and buttons used were very similar to those he created in Switzerland. So he decided to expand his ribbons to Europe and open his own shoe factory. It started with one idea, here ribbons and then shoes, and they became so successful over the years and over the generations that they started to make their own accessories and fashion designs.

In this collection from 2017, it has been the perfect one, because it shows nostalgic alpine motifs, everything is taken from archives and developed in to modern designs. The history and the past remain in memories

So here it was, the work I made today. I forgot to say, for Bally, I created small samples of motifs, they might be cliches but it the the history who remains the most and it is the most important.

Anyway, I am very happy with my work and the project, I really interact with fabric or other things and with my hand and it is really what I wanted, because it is all based on the past generations and roots, and people used their hands all the time, it was their power of wonder, so I want to take it back. That’s it…


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