Final major project

Wednesday the 5th of April 2017,

Today, last day before Easter vacation, well what can I tell you…

This morning I had my life drawing lesson, but we didn’t draw at at all, instead we watch a movie called The Grand Budapest Hotel, it was a great one and quite funny, it is the story of this hotel, and the concierge who is responsible of it, there is a whole story behind, at the beginning the hotel is so popular and always full of clients, but there are a lot of things that happen during few years, to end with a almost empty hotel… It is quite hard to explain the movie and the story because it is very specific and you have to watch it if you want to understand the movie otherwise it might be quite difficult to see the meaning behind.

The afternoon, I spent it in the fashion room, because I finished approximatively my artists and designers research form Switzerland, Today I just focus on the paper sheet I received about what we have to complete after Easter holidays. The first part is done, one hundred percent, then it is about the timetable and the bibliography, I just have to correct and update the timetable, and then normally print it out, but I asked if I really need to print it out , because there are a lot of pages and if I have to print out all the time I do changes, it will waist a lot of paper and for me it is not logic, so instead I update it all the time and at the end I will printout the final outcome. For the Bibliography I just printed out the one with all the research I have done until now.

So that was it for today, I checked and so during my stay at home I will do some observational drawings of typical objects from Switzerland and Colombia, also I will take photographs and have a look in the fabric shops we have in town.


So I will be quite busy but it will be great to be back.



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