Switzerland – Easter

Friday, the 7th of April 2017,

The morning began, I had my best breakfast since a long time, talking about this again, for me it is something very important that why a tell that but any way, the day was great, it was full of Sunshine and healthy stuff as I like. I spent it with my mum and we had a wonderful program…

First of all I want to tell you something, since I arrived yesterday, I decided to do a phone, computer and technology detox. It might seem very strange but I really needed to do it. The reason, is that I can’t anymore, In Cambridge I spend to much time on those because of all the work and research I have to do there for my work, so here I don’t want to have them with me anymore… You see what I mean? and seriously the feeling is just fantastic, I feel very well without them. It is also an time to relax and think about everything, to remember, my project is about the homage I give to my both origins and the past of my family. Did they have all the technology we have now? Of course not, it is a way is live like them, in the simplicity and talking with people.

Because you want to know what I do during my break, so I will tell you. The morning I did administrative stuff for school, well for university and important personal things, after this, I walked down to Morges with my mum, the town next to my village, and there I took the train to Lausanne, a city next to Morges. Trains in Switzerland are so great, the views and the landscapes you can see are very nice. Once arrived in Lausanne, I went to the fabric shop, There is a good one called Modest, they have all kind of fabric and it is quite big. They such a lot a variety, It was reallly great, looking at them I got few ideas for the project but nothing much. I did not buy anything, because at home I have dozaine and dozaine of fabrics, all kinds, so I decided first to have a look at them before to buy anything else, otherwise it is just lost money and I don’t want this.



In the afternoon, instead to take the train back home, I walked along the lake from Lausanne to Morges, it is aroud one hour and a half, but the foot pathway is all along the lake so is is a wonderful walk, just enjoying the peace and the sound of nothing, just nothing, you just use your eyes to observe everything around you, that’s it…

I felt at home again…


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