Switzerland – Easter

Saturday, the 8th of April 2017,

I know that you expect me to write what I have done during the day and if I worked on the final major project. Somedays I guess there won’t be that much, others maybe more, I will try to write my best holiday break, maybe it will be hard because as I said in the previous blog I really want to do a technology detox and I really insist to do it properly and it will also be good for my mind not to be connect with this…

So let’s start the day. The morning I went to Morges to the  traditional Saturday’s market, every Saturday we use to go there to buy everything we need in vegetables, fruits, meat, everything actually for the week. As you might know or might not know, you will probably never see Swiss people go to the supermarket or market during the week, you will always see them on Saturday’s. That is strange isn’t it? well that is like this here, we don’t work on weekends, some yes but not everybody, we have more time to buy things, and we can enjoy that day with our families. Coming back to the market, It was really nice to see every one again, the atmosphere is very nice and relaxing there. the market is always outside in the old town just next to the lake, so you can imagine how it is, if not just guess and imagine. All the different stands filled with flowers, fresh vegetables and fruits from the farms in the villages or mountains, people talking and laughing about nothing and everything, also artisans selling their own hand made items, wonderful…

Well, in the afternoon I did some fabric research inside the stock I have and fortunately  I found quite interesting ones, that could be useful for the project, but the colour doesn’t correspond exactly but it could match, I guess more the texture could work than anything else, but I still have to check all this.


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