Switzerland – Easter

Sunday, the 9th of April 2017,

Well, A typical Sunday day with my lovely family, finally we are all together, reunited under the same roof. As the tradition will remain, on Sunday’s we have a nice brunch around the table, having fun and talk about anything, at the same time we decided what we were going to do during the day.

I am afraid this might be the shortest blog I have ever written.. why? Because here has been our plan; I spent the whole day hiking in the mountains of Diableret, in the col of Pillon at 2000 metres high, not that high but mountains are mountains, and nothing will  change this. A beautiful sunshine was here with us, we took the car and drove an hour away up to the mountains. I think the most beautiful are the mountains villages, all made with good quality wood, a bit old and precisely made, surrounded by all the snowy hills and peaks and the sun light going through. It has been a real Swiss landscape dream…

Once we arrived on the top, I was surprised still to see people skiing, there wasn’t that much snow, but enough to ski on it and enjoy the feeling to slide on the ski pistes.

We started to go up, little flowers were on the way, recovered by a small layer of white snow. Arriving on the top of the mountain, we found an amazing frozen small lake, it was really beautiful. I don’t regret this moment at all.


Following the foot path way, we found a traditional chalet, with the most beautiful view, in front of the mountains, we sat on it stairs and I took a deep breath, cold but fresh air came into my nose but it was really a nice feeling.

Well we walked down then, and we had a little desert called apple strudel, delicious…

instead of taking the same car way the the morning, we drove through Gstaad and chateau-d’oex, also ski stations and very famous villages to stay.

Actually I guess I made a mistake saying that it might be a short blog because it isn’t, maybe I could have written more, but more it described everything.


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