Switzerland – Easter

Monday, the 10th of April 2017,

Monday , I spent the day with my brother, at Christmas he promised me that we would go together to eat somewhere in Lausanne. Unfortunately Christmas has been quite busy I didn’t really have the day holidays than him, so we couldn’t do it. But here of Easter, has been perfect, I had a great lunch time with him and we talked a lot about everything, I really enjoyed it. I like to be with my older brother because we have a really close brother and sister reaction and we use to spend a lot of time together, so that is great. I am not going to tell you how it was, you can imagine how it is to spend time with my older brother…

Once we came back home, In the afternoon I decided to work for the project I am doing, so I collected all the Swiss and Colombian objects I could have at home and I tried to do observational drawings of them. I did some but honestly it was quite hard because the weather was so amazing , I mean there was a wonderful sunshine that I did’nt want to work at all. I drew and took anyway some photographs for the project, I did some drawings of details and then I cleaned up. I have to say that it is sometimes hard to work in the rhythm of school when you go back home, because you just want to spend as much as possible time enjoying other things but well sometimes we have to work anyway, so yes… I worked so it is quite fine but  should do more and look forward for other ideas. But I think it is fine, I can do it and I have to keep my organisation as it is and it will be great, I am sure.



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