Switzerland – Easter

Thursday the 6th of April 2017,

Finally, it is the day I am going back home. I am so excited, I can not really describe the feeling, it is just full of happiness. I just want to tell that the flight went very well. I arrived very early in the morning in Geneva so I had the whole day for me and spend it with my family.

The best is when the plane arrived above Switzerland, the view was stunning, all these mountains still full of snow, the fields with colza flowers in a deep yellow, all the villages on the hills and of course the wonderful lake, I was really looking forward to see it again. It was like a dream that became true again…

I felt free again, fresh air and all these colourful flowers, actually everything, even cows and farms, the lake, everything as I said before, I felt completely inspired for all the things that surrounded myself, it was really great.

The most important too, was the food, delicious, I had my best breakfast since 3 month, I can not say how happy I was the first day. Because I had to get up very early in the morning at 3 am I couldn’t really eat so when I arrived at home, I ate all the best things I could ever have since a few time. Of course, my family has been there since I arrived at the airport, it has been very emotional, full of happiness and with a wonderful feeling, I could tell them everything and have again a real conversation with them. Definitely I feel amazing to be back home…


At the end of the day, the first thing I did with my brother, is that he told me to go and have a road trip with the car along the lake in the countryside…. I missed this so much, it was fantastic being with him and be able to do this, with music and driving with the Sunset next to you…


So that was my first day back home, Nothing special maybe for you, great for me…!


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