Cambridge – Easter

Wednesday the 19th of April 2017,


Well today, we decided with my mum to have a very long walk along the river Cam, actually, we didn’t really know how far it could be, we just followed the river, walking and walking, we discovered new nice places of Cambridge in the countryside part. We continued like this a while, until we arrived in front of a very big field, further away we saw the top of a church. Is it possible to be in the real countryside of Cambridge?

We started to go walk in this direction but we didn’t that much about where we really were but anyway, it is an adventure of discovery and I enjoyed it a lot doing it with my lovely mum. Ones we arrived, we were very surprised, old houses, with a lot of fields with horses, it was really nice. We tried to search the name of the village but we didn’t find it, we even couldn’t ask to anyone because there wasn’t anyone, we were almost the only ones….

We found a nice church in the middle of the village and decided to go and have a look. To our biggest surprise we saw outside gravestones, well that it logical next to a church, but the date of some of them where incredibly old…. 1713, that was one of them, you could hardly see what it was written on it, the stone, you could that it has been a long time that it was outside and weird things were on it.. well what can I say?


We just walked back to the centre, ones at home I worked a little bit for the project and get ready for Thursday. I also decided to to write a small notebook of my journey at home in Switzerland and stick inside, tickets, photographs and make drawing, but actually I am not totally satisfied about it, I wanted to do a similar one to Barcelona but it is hard because I haven’t done that much like there, but it is fine, I wrote what I have done every day, I just have to print out some pictures and stick them inside.

After have finished this we went out again to the town and have a look at the shops….

After have done a two and a half hour walk, working for the project and then going out again, all this with my mum, what else do I want, It is perfect.


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