Switzerland – Cambridge

Tuesday, the 18th of April 2017,

Well it is time to fly back to Cambridge, where my final major project is waiting of me.

I am so happy because my mother is coming with me to keep me company and will spend a little bit more time together before she has to fly back to Switzerland on Saturday. She is coming because my host family are away for the half term and I will stay a whole week alone. I remember, for Christmas I was alone for one week either and the situation was terrible, the feeling of emotion was really sad, so because I didn’t want that it happen again, I ask my mum to come with me, so that why I am for the first time super happy to be back in Cambridge…

The flight back went very well, I could say goodbye to the mountains for a last time and just enjoy the flight to England.

There is nothing interesting in this day, but you might find the story I am going to tell you very funny. I told my mum, that if you go out, never forget the key otherwise you can not go inside again and you will be locked out. So that was it, my host father asked me to watering the plants and flowers in the pots if there is a lot of sun, indeed during two weeks nobody came to give them water so the plants were completely dry. Here it begins, we went out from the door garden, and we started to give water, after a while I wanted to go inside to go to the other side of the garden, when suddenly I couldn’t open the door anymore….. That couldn’t be possible, it never happen to me, we were locked out inside the big garden and there was no way to go out of it, all the doors where locked! Looking everywhere we saw that there was a garage door, and imagine what we have been able to open it and go out. Finally! But now the question is how to get inside the house. That was the question. I didn’t have the key or my phone, I even couldn’t call the daughter of the family to come and open the door for us. Big panic. My mum told me to go and ring at the neighbours houses, everywhere, nobody had a phone number or even thought where the daughter’s house was. What can we do? Fortunately a very kind women started to make calls to all the other houses in the area, maybe they might know something; an address or a phone number….

after two hours trying everything we found the daughter’s phone number, what a relief…

Well you know the end of the story, she came and open the door for us, we laugh such a lot when we told her the story… Any way, at the end we didn’t want to go out anymore, it was the evening anyway….

What a day!


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