Switzerland – Easter

Saturday the 15th of April 2017,

My father promised me to take me to Basel to the Fondation Beyeler. For me one of the best and most wonderful art galleries in Switzerland and all those I already visited in other countries.

There, it was the 20th Anniversary of the Gallery , founded in 1997. The same year I was born, so that is quite great. For this anniversary, the gallery worked with the owners, to create and play with the past, present and future collecting all the biggest paintings of the painters with a great past.


There has been Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, Miro, Alberto Giacometti, Cezanne,  Picasso, Matisse,  and lots more, the biggest protagonist painter of the 20th century. The art gallery was giving an homage to all these, inside a deep organisation and secret of the Art History.

But the main exhibition and homage has been given to Claude Monet, the French impressionist painter, what an incredible technique and colour used, the delicateness and message behind each brush stroke. It has been a wonderful moment, being in the middle of his world.

I do not know if I am going to use some of his work in my project, but I know I will remember each of his paintings made with sensuality and open mind opinion, that has been fabulous.


After have spent three hours inside the Art gallery, we went to have a walk in the city of Basel, in the old part. I know Basel, but it was nice to be back. The old and typical houses are still present, the hidden small streets, and secret gardens, everything was still in its place and presented beautifully.

Late when I came back home, because Sunday is Easter, I made with my grandmother two brioche for the next morning breakfast. Also The traditional eggs painting. You might think that we coloured them with artificial colour, no. We made this with an ancient technique and the result is even better. Actually it goes like this; you cook the peel of brawn onions in hot water, until the colour comes out. For the eggs, you will go outside and collect flowers, grass or leafs, all this you will put them on the eggs  and attached everything with natural threads. At the end just put the eggs in the hot coloured water and wait until they cook. Take them out and take off the leafs, the shape will appear on the egg…

Old techniques but with most nice result at the end.




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