Switzerland – Easter

Sunday the 16th of April 2017,

As I said, I enjoyed to be back in my grandmother’s house, I feel so good with her and in her village, there is nothing much to do, but it is what I like, no technology or modern stuff, just living in an homage of the past and spending time with my grandmother.

Of course I told her about the project I am doing and that the idea Is to have as much as possible information about my family of Switzerland and Colombia, she really liked it and looked really happy that I consider the roots of the family. So I asked her a lot, actually form where we really come from, from where the family name come from, the life she had with my grandfather and how was their childhood, living during the second world war and so on. I could continue and continue until the listening at her, the reason is that I am very deeply interested in what exactly happened in the past and how each family evolved to arrive where we are now. So you see?

My grandmother gave me to look at a lot of photographs of her past, It has been incredible to see at these black and white photographs and how her family was dressed and looked like, it has been a real moment for me, I learnt a lot just looking at them and that gave even a deeper conviction to give homage to my origins. I learnt the whole story, it is something very memorable, it is something you could never forget. The photographs were fascinating, date of the years 1930, 1940 and then of course more recent ones, but imagine to see a whole photograph family with eleven children, so well dressed and elegant from the years 1930, the feeling you get is wonderful…


In the afternoon, I had my uncle’s birthday, we had a nice time all together, I told them everything and listened what they had to tell me. I had a really nice day!



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