Switzerland – Easter

Monday the 17th of April 2017,

Well, it is the last day before going back to Cambridge. Actually I don’t want to think about it to much, I am still here at home with my family in Switzerland so let’s enjoy until the last minute.

I am still in my grandmother’s house, unfortunately I woke up with a terrible backache, I couldn’t even move normally, is was really hard, so I decided to go to the sport centre in the area of the warm therm bath in town. It was just what I needed, wonderful feeling and that the ache went almost away.

I had my last Swiss Lunch, my grandmother cooked something deliciously typical Swiss; Rösti, it is a meal made with potatoes, and then we her good market salad, wonderful taste, I still have it in my mouth….

My grandmother had a surprise for me, she showed me person photographs of my grandfather. He never sowed them to anyone because it always had a deep meaning for him about all his past and so on. My grandfather as a child in the 1935, I discovered photographs when he was in the Swiss army during the second world war, I saw the uniform he wore. My grandfather was enlist in the cavalry with horses in the army. Horses was his passion, they always where ins heart. My grandfather kept all the photographs, documents and certificates in a leather pocket, made with the finest details and cow leather. The touch was smooth and wonderful. Inside, old passports when he was young, they were so different…



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