Switzerland – Easter

Tuesday 11th of April 2017,

To be honest I can’t really remember at all what I did on this day, but I know that I waked up very early and went to walk with my mum through the fields, the sun was coming out and a nice fresh air was touching my face, we did a walk of one hour, and then we went back home. During the walk there was no noice, totally silence, the feeling was great, the feeling in my ears was great, no noice, just a cold fresh air of the morning and sun coming out and with the birds sining and flying away…

So later on, I took my breakfast and relaxed a little bit, after it I went with my brother running in Bussigny, it is a nice village and they have a special area in the forest to run and practice sport. What a wonderful feeling to run in the middle of nowhere, where nobody disturbs you, you just run. One circuit is 3,6 kilometres, but because it isn’t that long so I did two circuits with my brother. What I like with him, is that he support you even your are tired and with this support you can’t stop running, you just continue until the end and that is amazing.


I will be honest, I was so tired that after this run, that ones at home I didn’t do anything I just lied on my bed and red a magazine, but was it for today….




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